Part 1

Marriage Before and After the Ceremony

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Part 2

Achieving complete Sexual Fulfillment

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Part 3

For Better and For Worse

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Most sex manuals that I came across during my young years were about as useful to me a manual on the mating customs of the polar hen might be to an elephant. The information of sex was not so much wrong as useless.The questions that were being answered were never the ones that I was asking myself. The question that I was asking myself was not being answered. And the creature that was being addressed by the honorable authors of these laudable efforts bore no recognizable resemblance either to me or to any person I'd ever met. they were merely beside the point.

The kind who has a deep and genuine appreciation of women, one who has not yet, nor will ever, lose his delight and curiosity about them, nor his consuming desire for them. The "normally sexed woman" is the kind whom men call oversexed when all the others they've met was so dreary that any healthy woman strikes them as a kind of nymphomaniac by comparison.

Love, it is true, comes only to those who have prepared themselves to receive it. But no person will prepare for it if he or she has no desire. Desire, therefore, is the precondition for most successful marriages. A person who doesn't really desire the opposite sex will never make a good mate. Happy marriages between undersexed people are quite common. But if you marry a normal mate, you'd better be normal too.

Furthermore, I am not writing for the kind of girl who's looking primarily for a provider in a husband. There's nothing wrong with a man who makes a
lot of money, but if you're the kind of girl who wants to marry him because of his money, Nor, finally, am I writing for the kind of girls who says: "Gee, I'd marry him if I were only sure I love him." It's written for the girl who says: "I want that man so much I don't know how I can last till he takes me to bed. How can I make him love me equally? How can I make him happy, and how can I make myself happy in the process? How can I keep both of us happy till we grow old gracefully living together?"

And I'm writing for the man who wants that woman in bed ..and wants to make love to her with the kind of skill and understanding which will bind her to him with love, devotion, and loyalty for years hence.

Why is it that of all the possible combinations, certain men and certain women are attracted to each other? Surely, To all of us to you and me and a lovely girl or boy, next door this is the key question. We want to know what's wrong with us if we can't capture the person we want. Why does he date that cow-eyed blonde with the piano legs? Why does she go out with that sloppy goon from across the track? What's he got that I haven't? What can I do to captivate, satisfy, and hold the person I love? Not any person. I don't care about all the others. But this one. How do I reach that person, keep that desirable one, and
where to make love him or her happy? And how do I make myself happy in the process?

These are the real questions. There are lots of others, and I'll try to answer them all honestly.