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Strange Aphrodisiacs & Anaphrodisiacs

           A substance which is supposed  to make you feel more sexy is called an aphrodisiac. But there is no scientific  proof that any substance  can do this. Doctrine of signature plays an important role in selecting  an aphrodisiac. Many people still believe that outward appearance of a substance represents its inner concept. Certain objects that outwardly resemble a knowledge of sexual organs   are believed to have aphrodisiac effects. Examples are rhinoceros' horn or oyster that resemble  penis and vagina, olives represent testes and cooked okara represents vaginal lubrications. It is possible that suggestion plays  a major  part when they appear  to have an effect.

           People have been seeking the ultimate aphrodisiac for as  long as they have been searching  for the formula to change iron into  gold. For thousands of years, people  in every part of the world  have tried different items, internal and external, to enhance sexual response.

           The psychological basis for some aphrodisiacal claim is that  when the substance is eaten, drunk or rubbed  on the body, it acts on nerve centers in the brain to decrease inhibitions.

           Substances considered aphrodisiac have varied from human breast  milk to the powder derived from ground up dried battles, to cherry  pits, which  contain stimulants.

           These many eatables numbering  about 2,000 have been applied as potency aids, sexual stimulators, or the means for getting in the mood.

           Modern Western societies  have been making aphrodisiacs in laboratories. These artificial  substances  have included drugs such as estrogens and androgens. The modern aphrodisiacs have replaced the Elixir, Herbs and Amulets of the ancients. Really  there is no single love potion for raising  the libido.

Effects of Food and Drink on desire and Potency
            There are a number  of solid and liquid varieties of nourishment calculated to incite sexual desire, intensify  sexual pleasure and favour potency or efficiency in the sexual act. A number of sex manuals describe not only the various dishes which promote sexual stimulation, but their preparation and ingredients also. But many of these recipes are obviously wild and strange, and recognizable as such at a glance.

           Every society  believes in some special foods and preparations which have erotic effects and increase potency. There are abundant  food items that excite sexual activity and underfeeding inhibits these functions.

           It is generally believed that meat, especially venison is stimulating. Eggs haves reputation for tonic efficacy, both as a stimulant and a restorative after special exertion in coitus. It is believed that an egg diet favours the production of spermatozoa. Fish is also regarded as stimulating.

           Vegetarians believe that milk rice dishes, beetroots, carrots, dates and turnip are replacement for eggs.

           At one time, potatoes and tomatoes were looked on as 'Love foods'. Eating them conferred sexual  and reproductive bliss. As long as they were exotic and difficult to obtain they kept their mystique. But once in common use, their love enhancing power became discredited. The rarity of truffles today allows them to keep their reputation as aphrodisiacs.

           Condiments like saffron, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, peppermint, ginger, fennel etc. are regarded as stimulating.

           The ancient Hindus mixed  fennel juice with milk, honey, sugar and licorice for an aphrodisiac.

           Chocolate is also regarded as an aphrodisiac. A European  herb  licorice with purple flower, spices  and root that contain a sweet substance used in confectionary and medicines is also used as an aphrodisiac. It is taken along with valerian, clove and nutmeg.

           Thyme, a small grey green shrub that has been the source of medicines  and food flavorings is believed to have  aphrodisiac quality.

           Celery, artichokes, asparagus are used in western countries for stimulation.

           Honey, dates and milk are also believed to have stimulating qualities. Dry fruits  like almonds, cashew nuts, currant, pistachio are also in the list. Shilajeet is very popular in India as an Ayurvedic aphrodisiac. It is a kind of  herb which is used with milk.

           Three substances often cited in the Western word as aphrodisiacs are Spanish Fly, Mandrake root and Yohimbine.

Spanish Fly
            Spanish fly is the common name for a powder made from ground Cantharis Beetles, the powder is a powerful irritant which can inflame the skin as well as the lining of the digestive and excretory track. Thought it can cause erection, there is a price to pay. The erection is usually painful, not pleasurable, a reflex reaction due to pelvic irrigation.

           Women given Spanish fly may begin to moan, but this is a moan of pain, not arousal. It may cause ulceration  in the digestive and urinary tract. Therefore, Spanish fly is not only ineffective as a love potion but also highly dangerous. It is popular  in European countries and USA.

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