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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

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Strange Marriage systems prevailing in the World

           In India marriage is regarded as sacrosanct. It is performed with sacred religious rites and ceremony. Arranged marriages are still the rule in India and in most of the Islamic world, Africa, South-east Asia, and Japan. However, in Japan and India, among modern societies, love marriages are also accepted.

           Some people regard marriage merely as a means to an end. The expectations of most people marrying in the West today is that marriage will supply almost everything they need a comfortable home for sex, affection, companionship, children, security, entertainment. They need support, psychological counseling, and all with the approval of the family and society at large. Marriage is expected  to provide  a safe  harbour from the storms and currents of the world outside.

           Traditional sexual morals have emphasized abstinence from sexual  relations prior to marriage and fidelity to one's spouse following marriage. However, in recent years  these morals have been increasingly challenged. There are many people  who no longer consider marriage  a prerequisite for sexual relationship. Even though a love affair may last only a week, a month, or a year, it is still considered a special type of event that should enrich one's live, if it is to be meaningful and worthwhile. Many people find it very easy to convince themselves that an extramarital affair for sexual practice is essential for maintaining their mental  health. In the last decade, a number of alternative marital patterns have emerged.

Trial marriage is a Step to Reduce Divorce Changes
            Marriages are made for many reasons, sex being  only one of them and sometimes not  the major one. In fact, social and economic reasons predominate if one looks at marriage on a worldwide  basis. Marriage is more than a relationship, it is also an idea, a public announcement of commitment, an institutions sanctioned  by society, a package of rights and responsibilities. It is the only relationship that all societies approve of as being a proper setting for coitus, and the bearing and rearing of children. In the West eligible young men and women feel they need to experiment with alternative lifestyles, "try their wings', 'live a little' before they settle down. Women want to develop a career before they marry.

           They are experimenting  on a new type of marriage called Trial Marriage. It is an informal marriage arrangement in which a couple agrees  to a trial period  in which both wife and husband live  together and test their relationship more deeply  and comprehensively than is possible during the courting process. They also try to resolve any difficulties they encounter  and reduce the possibility of divorce after actual marriage. They usually  agree not to have children during trial period.

           This type of marriage arrangements will not be accepted by those who believe in arranged marriages. But the institution of marriage with its myths and realities, strengths and weaknesses, pleasures and sorrows, set in motion special feelings and forces. Modern sex education is gradually changing the thinking of the people. They are now overcoming their old prejudices and dogmatic attitude.

Experimental Marriage
            In USA and a number of other Western countries a new type of relationship is also emerging.  It is knows as Experimental Marriage. It is an agreement in which a man and woman agree, verbally or in writing, to live together to test  their compatibility and to determine if they should enter  a formal marriage. Those who are incompatible separate before marriages. Some countries legally allow this types of marriage. Experimental  period differs from country to country and from case to case. It also helps to determine the ability of the  couple to produce children. Rapidly rising divorce rates are compelling people to think afresh about marriage.

Renewable Marriage
            Marriage may be a sacrosanct affair in India but in European  countries and America, people are adopting an alternate to traditional marriage vows. They regard marriage as a limited terms contract  in which the partners  have an opportunity to renew or cancel upon mutual consent at the end of a specified  period. Choosing of a marriage partner, when one has freedom of choice, is no easy matter. The wisdom and accumulated experience of well intended  elders have been dispensed with and is not easy to replace.

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