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Strange New Trends

Outer Course is the New Trend in Sex
            AIDS has generated such a great fear in the minds of the people that they think twice before establishing sexual relations with any stranger. They have realized that sexual freedom and promiscuity will surely lead them to ride the sexual merry to round whose odds are always against them. They are now adopting newer methods to enjoy sex. They are adopting outer course instead of intercourse.

           There was a time when sex was an overwhelming motivation, but now self preservation is the main motivation. Outer course is more pleasurable and safe. It is safer alternate to intercourse. It is the way to enjoy great sexual intimacy  without any risk. It does not require exchange of body fluids and has no risk at all. There is a lot of laughing and loving in the outer course. Tender  touching and stroking  can lead to erotic massage of the body. It can explore many things in the partner's body. It eliminates fear of pregnancy is reproductive system and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

           Outer course is like a slow motion for play. It can last for hours during that day. People  enjoy outer course according to their own taste  and sexual background.

How people Enjoy Outer Course

Dry fuck
           It is a type of quasi intercourse in which one goes through the motions without penetration of the vagina by the penis, usually with both  partners keeping their clothes on.

Outer Course Massage
            Massage is an important part of outer course sex. Start from the toes, rub them one by one, stroke the sales of both feet leisurely. Smooth the hands, palms and rub each finger. Massage the arm muscles, into the shoulders. Roll his/her body over and sit on the buttocks. Take time to knead and manipulate the back. Leisurely rub the inside of both  thighs. Extend the massage into a knowledge sexual organs . Use a mild scented oil to make it more erotic. This is one  of the best ways to enjoy  sex and feel the thrill. Both the partners achieve a state of erotic ecstasy at will.

French Kiss
            In this type of kiss, the mouths are open and the tongues are in contact. Kissing the mouth or other parts of the partner's  body represents major steps in sexual arousal.

           Erotic kiss is mutual; it is given and received from mouth to mouth  with mutual pressure. This is its signature  and significance. The erotic kiss may brush the bloom  like a butterfly's wings by a light stroking of lips with other's pursed lips. The tongue is indispensable in the erotic kiss and plays lead in its most important  variations. The tongue kiss is more captivating when the tip of the tongue very lightly and gently  titillates the beloved's tongue and lips. Three senses are blended in the healing touch , taste and smell.

Oral sex
            Oral sex is the use of the lips, mouth, tongue and throat cavity in sexual stimulation and gratification. Both the partners can various types of oral sex include kissing , sucking, biting, licking, exploring the partner's genitals organs and erogenous zones with the tongue.

           When a man has his penis kissed, licked or sucked by a woman or someone else,  it is called Fellatio. In Hindu love manuals it is called  "Playing the Flute."

Love Play
            Love play is an art. It gives a profusion of pleasure which are certainly not interior to those of communion itself. The entire  gamut of erotic activities ranging  from teasing, hair pulling., caresses and kisses and all forms of physical  contact  that lead more or less directly to sexual gratification are parts of love play. Coquetry and flirtation are also its parts.

Masturbating Each other
            In this activity both the partners masturbate each other and attain orgasm. In the past, masturbation  was condemned on religious and moral grounds. But now it is considered as normal and healthy  sexual outlet.

           Petting, fellatio and cunnilingtus  are also parts of outer sex.