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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

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Some people derive Sexual Excitement from Handling Faeces
           Some people suffer from a sexual disorder or paraphilia, in which an individual repeatedly derives sexual excitement from handling faeces, as well as from sight, smell and thought of faeces. It is know as Coprolagnia.

A few derives sexual Excitement by Eating Faeces
           The eating  of faeces is found in deteriorated  schizophrenics who have apparently regressed to the anal stage of psychosexual development. It is called Coprophagia.

           The person who derives sexual gratification from the eating of his or another person's faeces is known  as Faecal Freak.

Some people Say Obscene Words to Get Sexual Arousal
           Some people suffer from a sexual  disorder in which obscene speech is a must to sexual arousal. It is called Coprophemia.

Some people Expose their Genital Organs  to achieve sexual excitement
           Some people expose their genital organs as a means of achieving sexual excitement. This type of indecent exposure is called Exhibitionism. It is a psychosexual disorder, or paraphilia, characterized by a compulsive need to expose one's body, particularly the genital organs, as a means of achieving sexual excitement. The act is usually performed by a male in the presence of a female, children or unsuspecting adults. It is accompanied by masturbation. Surprise, fear and horror aroused in this act gives him the extra thrill he needs to achieve erection and ejaculation. In some instances, exposure of the genitals is accompanied by suggestive gestures or masturbatory activity, but more commonly there is only exposure.

           Such persons generally feel shy and inferior while approaching the opposite sex. They are immature in their sex role development, even though they may be well educated  and competent in other areas of life. Some have doubts and fears about their masculinity, combined with a strong need to demonstrate masculinity and potency.

           Married exhibitionists appear to be reaching to some conflict or stress situation in marriage.

           Exhibitionist tendency is also associated with sociopathic personality disorder. Such individuals have a history of poor school adjustment and erratic work records. In some cases it is related with schizophrenic reactions.

Some People Indulge in Culturally prohibited sexual Relations
           Culturally prohibited sexual relations between family members such as a father and daughter, brother and sister, mother and son etc. Are called Incest.

           In every society incestuous behavior does occur. But its actual incidence is unknown since it takes place in a family setting and are the least reported.

           Social taboos or law against incest are found particularly in all societies but the degree of relationship may differ from society to society.

           It may happen when brothers and sisters share the same bedroom during pre-adolescent or adolescent period. They may tend to engage in sexual exploration and experimentation.

           Individuals such as alcoholics and psychotics may indulge themselves in incestuous relation with the lowering of their inner control.

           It may also happen when a father has an intense craving for young children as sex objects including his own daughter.

           When a father sets an undesirable example for his son by engaging  in incestuous relations with his daughter, it may encourage his son to do likewise.

           When any family has low morals or is disorganized, a rejecting hostile wife may encourage such relations.

Some people Desire Sex with Children
           Condition of being sexually attracted to children is called Paedophilia.It is a psychosexual disorder in which an adult desires sexual relations with a child. The sexual activity may consist of heterosexual intercourse, fellatio is a trend, or anal intercourse. It may also be limited to looking and touching occasionally. The child is induced to manipulate the sex organs of the paedophilia or to engage in mouth genital contacts. In most cases the sexual victim is known to the offender and usually there is no physical coercion.

           Such persons have an immature personality. The person, who has never been able to establish or maintain satisfactory interpersonal sexual relationship, feels sexually comfortable only with children.

           It may also happen when any person  discovers that his wife or girlfriend is having an affair with another man.

           Those individuals may have had definite sexual experiences with young boys. This conditioned behaviour continues into adulthood in terms of sexual preferences.

           Some persons prey on children in search of new sexual thrills. Such offenders usually have a history of antisocial behavior .

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