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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Some Indulge in Sex with Animals and Birds
           Some people enjoy sex with animals. They enjoy it though intercourse, masturbation, fellatio, rubbing, anal penetration or having one's genital licked. They also derive sexual pleasure and excitement from observing the sexual activities of animals. Some people train animals especially for sexual purpose. It is called Bestiality. It is very common among those who raise or graze farm animals.

           Some people indulge in sexual intercourse with birds like chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. These birds have accommodating body structure and do not react to such an assault but bear it comfortably. This practice seems to be world wide. It is as old as human history. It is still quite current. Sex with birds is called Avisodomy.

           It is psychosexual disorder in which farm animals or household pets are persistently preferred or exclusively used to achieve sexual excitement. It is called Zoophilia. Abnormal  love or inclination towards something is called philia.

           It is an alternative sexual  pattern. People who feel unhappy, lonely, unwanted or have no other alternative, indulge such activities.

Some Adopt strange Methods to Bring themselves to Orgasm
          Some men use their own mouth and tongue  to bring  themselves  to orgasm. They suck or lick their own penis. This process is called Self-Fellatio.

           Some people whip themselves  for sexual arousal. It is called Self-Flagelation.

           Some people torture themselves for sexual arousal. It is called Auto-Masochism.

           Some people imagine themselves to be child. They expect  to be treated as a child in a sexual relationship. It is called Auto-Paedophilia.

           Some people achieve gratification by looking at one's own body, particularly one's genital organs. It is called Auto-Scopophilia.

           Some people derive  sexual  satisfaction through  masturbation. It is called Auto-sexuality.

           Some people  enjoy sex terms in 69 position. In this position the partners  assume a head to feet  position and perform fellatio and cunnilingus simultaneously.

           Some people enjoy sex in 69 position. Anal intercourse is called 66 or 99 position. 

           Contrary to these behaviors, there are people who have a morbid neurotic fear of being dirty or smelling unclean. This kind of fear inhibits sexual activity because a knowledge of sex organs are close to the organs of defecation and urination. It is called Auto-Mysophobia.

           Some people play bondage games like Blindfolding to increase their erotic pleasure. The woman is usually the sexual victim . The blindfold serves the double purpose, to increase the man's  power over her, and of providing the added stimulus of surprise. This type of sexual gratification involving  the physical restraint  of one partner  is called Bondage.

           Some people enjoy sex in an orgy. A wild party usually with a lot of drinking and sexual activity is called an Orgy. It is uninhibited noisy celebration  characterized by group indulgence in drinking, singing, dancing and unrestrained  sexual activity.

           Some people  indulge  themselves  in Chain Sex. It is group sex practice in which a number of people  engage in  sexual contact at the same time. As for example Mohan has intercourse with Rita, while Rita performs  fellatio on Roshan who engages in cunnilingus with Shweta etc. This type of activities are called  Chain Sex.

           Some people indulge in group sex activity. It is the sexual activity by a group of people in which a number of people indulge in sexual activity in the same place and at the same time. It usually involves exchange of partners, observing each other, and different variation of intercourse. The group maybe entirely composed to heterosexuals or a combination of the two. It is named Group Sex.

Some Enjoy sex in Swinging Party
            Further from the mainstream, are couples, known as swingers. The word swinging  is used for partner  swapping or mate swapping. It is more widely applied to individual  or couples who engage  in a wide variety of partners in group sex, or homosexual activities  in their search for exciting  sexual experiences as an extramarital sex as form of recreation. For the majority of  swingers the  stated goal is novelty and sexual pleasure  in a number of Western countries and USA, there are a number of swingers' clubs  where couples for an entrance fee, can amuse themselves energetically  with others without feeling ashamed in sexual games and gymnastics. The majority of women begins at the husband's  urging. But wives become more enthusiastic once they get involved. Swinging is of two types Closed Swinging and Open Swinging.

           In closed swinging, the husbands and wives trade  partners who pair of and go to separate site to have intercourse in privacy. They return  to a particular place  at a certain time.

           In open swinging, two or more couples engage  in sexual  activity in the same room.

What is Paraphilia
           Deviant  or distorted form of sexuality in which sexual  excitement is achieved in unusual ways is called Paraphilia.

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