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Strange Sexual Myths & Taboos

What is a Myth?
           A myth is the story that originated in ancient  times, especially one dealing with ideas or beliefs about the early history of a race, or giving explanation. Most of the things are imaginary, factious or impossible.

What is a Taboo?
           In a certain cultures there is ban or prohibition on something that is regarded for religious  or other reasons as not to be done, touched or used etc.

What are sexual Myths?
           Throughout the world there are a number of misconceptions and fallacies arising out of hearsay, superstitions, bigotry, or faulty sexual education . These  myths  are prevailing far and wide. Now I will throw some light on various myths.

Myths about the size of the Penis?
           Penises vary in size and it is a myth that a bigger penis is necessarily better. One of the cherished illusions men have about their sexual performance is that the bigger their penis, the better they will satisfy their  partner. It is an illusion nourished by pulp fictions  and girlie magazines.

           Despite all the fears and boasts, penis size does not vary markedly from one person to another. There are some large penises around, as there are some men whose erection can last a long time and return after a short time. But there is far less difference than is generally supposed.

           Forget everything you have been told about penis size. Even if it undersized, it can satisfy the women better than a big one. Some men are so obsessed with the idea of 'bigger  is better', that they do not feel adequate even though they are normal. It is now firmly established beyond doubt that penis size makes no difference to women's sexual enjoyment .

           'O dear folks. Why do you worry, if you have an small cock, pussy never minds, whether you have a big or small cock. She is a very adjustable creature, To provide equal gratification to all, is her nature."

           Sex findings indicate that no pill, potion, exercise, masturbatory technique or external device will affect penis size. So, don't worry, feel happy, your penis is quite normal. When any man who feels anxiety about his penis, reluctantly or hesitantly, engages himself in sexual play, the result is lack of satisfaction.

Myths Associated with Semen
           Throughout the world many factious beliefs and superstitions are prevailing concerning Semen. Hindu religious books preach that the semen is the basis of health, strength and life. Therefore, semen should be preserved  and conserved through abstinence. Masturbation and Nocturnal emission are very harmful. Therefore these should be avoided. That is why Brahmacharya has found a prominent place in the Hindu religion.

           Hindu belief is based on the conception that after  eating 32 kg of food 800 gm blood is formed, out of that blood only 20 gm semen is formed. That means if you have wasted 20 gm semen through masturbation or nocturnal emission, you have wasted the benefits of 32 kg of food.

           Early Chinese also held that ejaculation diminished the male element and therefore reduced the man's strength and may even shorten his life. Therefore various methods were used to retain as much  semen as possible even during intercourse .

           What is Semen?

           Semen is a milky sticky liquid. It is made of Seminal fluid, fluid from the Prostate Gland and Seminal Vesicles. It contains millions of sperms. About a teaspoonful of semen contains about 400 million sperms.

           Due to their religions beliefs  many people hesitate to accept  the scientific explanation  that semen  is produced by Prostate Glands and seminal vesical. Sperms are produced in the testes. Such religious and fictitious beliefs and superstitions concerning  semen help the Quacks to Dupe the People of their hard  earned money.

Myths about the Testicles
           Many men assume that the size of the testicles influences sexual power  and performance. Normal testicles do not depend upon the size or shape. Most men  have two testicles but some men have one non-descended testicle and they are able to function perfectly  well. Sex drive is mainly influenced  by thought patterns and  not by the anatomical shape of a knowledge of sex organs . Both testicles are almost never the same. Mostly the left hangs lower than the right one.

           It is also a myth that one testicle contains sperm producing only girls and the other holds sperm that produces only boys.

Myths  Associated with masturbation         
           Many myths are associated with masturbation. These are scaring the people from generation to generation. There are lots of imaginary stories about terrible things that happen to people  who masturbate they go mad, go blind, can't produce  babies  etc. all these stories are untrue. Masturbation  can't do any harm and there is no need to feel guilty or scared about it. Some people don't want to  masturbate simply because their religion or morals say that it is  wrong.

           Always remember that masturbation can't do any harm. The male body goes on forming semen, as mere secretions from the prostate and other glands throughout life.

Myths Associated with Nocturnal Emission
           It is a misinformed belief of old theories that nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) are sign of weakness and may cause  harm to the body. In fact these wet dream show that your  reproductive system is functioning  normally and you are a normal person.

           Quacks dupe  the people by befooling them on the basis of baseless  canards propagated by the  religious books and leaders. Then they give prescriptions and create a sense of fear in them, banking  upon their ignorance. Millions of people  are being fleeced every year in the name of nocturnal emission.

           Always  remember that wet dreams  are natural and harmless  occurrence to be expected in most normal men between the age of fourteen and forty. They are a sign that your reproductive organs are developing normally. Neither do their absence indicate any abnormality. It is quite possible that the contents naturally flow out slowly in the ducts, aided by bowel movements, to be thrown out with urine from the bladder. Nocturnal emission generally happens during an erotic dream. Young women also have erotic dreams.

           When the brimming seminal fluid in the reservoirs and vesicles has passed a certain limit, the involuntary muscles contract in a strong spasm, and drive the fluid contents in tiny column of spray against the anterior urethral wall. The tension in vesicles and reservoirs causes the motor reflexes of erection and emissions, and an erotic dream  passes through the mind concurrently, as the local tension causes the dream, and the dream causes the nocturnal emission.

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