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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends

Strange Sexual Practices

They are known for Cicatrices
           Zaire is one of the African countries. It has  a number of backward  tribes. These tribes are well known for Cicatrices. A technical  mark remaining from a wound is known as cicatrice. Their cicatrice design extends from the chest to the groin in women.

           They also practice cinnamon circumcision for hygienic reasons.

They Indulge in Public Copulation
           In Australia some aborigines worship a spirit  of sex called Kananija. In this ceremony  they conduct a ritual exchange of wives in marriage system . They believe it as purifying.

           Some backward societies hold feasts with ceremonial orgies and public copulation. Young men and sometimes young women go on an expedition to seek out sex partners wherever they can find them. Now such practices are diminishing under the western  influence.

They Exchange Wives to confuse evil spirits
           People living in the Arctic region of North America and East Siberia are called Eskimos. They have certain strange  practices in common. They are  well known for  providing sex hospitality. They believe that by exchanging wives, they can change the individual's identity and confuse the evil spirits  during  a catastrophe.

           Institutional homosexuality  is widely prevalent among them. A father  indulges  in intercourse with his underage son's wife and raises any offspring that may result.

           Siberian Eskimos believe that contact with a menstruating  woman may be contaminating. It may cause a man to drown at sea. The custom of having multiple wives and multiple husbands  is also prevalent among them. They use  powered  bird beaks as an aphrodisiac.

They wear Jewellery on their Genitals
           Penis ornaments like studs and rings through the glans, corona and perineum are said to increase the pleasure of arousal and coitus both for the wearer and his partner.

           The practice of wearing genital jewellery is found in a number of societies, particularly among the Turkeys where women may perform their labia and insert tinkling objects. In the Philippines, penis bars  are used to secure metal rings.

           In Europe, America and Japan some men  wear  rings around their knowledge of sex organs as a  decoration, but also to help  themselves  maintain an erection or to increase their partner's pleasure.

           New Guinea's tribesmen and natives of new Hebrides wear penis covers that exaggerate the size of the organ.

They Sew and Clasp together Labia Majora
           In a number of tribes in Eastern Africa and Peruvian Indians, a strange custom prevails. They sew and clasp together  the labia  majora to prevent intercourse before marriage. A small opening is left for urination. This custom is known as Infibulation.

Young boys are assigned to Older women for sex Training
           The process of officially introducing someone into a group or club, or of introducing a young person to adult life, often with a special ceremony is called Initiation.

           In some societies, fathers take their sons to brothel to be initiated for into the heterosexual world  of the adult for the sexual behaviours.

           Initiation into womanhood in many societies takes place at the onset of menstruation , marriage or at the first birth.

Women Gang rape Men
           In Columbia, there are still a few backward tribes who have strange sexual customs. One such custom is gang rape of the men by women. Sexual contact with animals is also common here. They enjoy masturbation as a form of sexual release. Boys are required to have intercourse with widows as a form of ritual offering of semen. They believe that an incestuous relation must be repeated in order to accept punishment of the crime done. They collect the semen and vaginal discharge and give that to the priest for sacrifice.

Women intentionally Expose their Genitals
           In Northern  Bougainville, there is one polygamous society. In this society girls and women directly and intentionally expose their genital organs as means of inviting sexual activity. It is very common sight on Solomon Islands.

They consider  sex as Shameful and Sinful
           New Guinea is well known for its backward tribes of head hunters and cannibals. But a few tribes are also know are their negative attitudes towards sex. They consider sex as inherently shameful and sinful. Most of the women are frigid and find intercourse as painful. They do not even know how to love.

They drink Fermented Cow dung to terminate Pregnancy
           Masai tribe of Africa  practice strange customs. They enjoy sex and dancing. Masai women drink fermented cow dung to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

They Indulge  in Public Copulations in erotic Festivals
           There are mountainous Islands in the Central Pacific. People of those islands have some strange sexual practices. To promote cleanliness they slit the foreskin without anaesthetic.

           They celebrate erotic festivals in which public copulation takes place. Sex hospitality is a part of their culture. They enjoy sex in sitting position in which the women astride the man's lap. They also like trends as oral sex. They are known for doing sex upto five times a night.

           The husband has to do sexual intercourse  with his wife almost immediately after the birth  of a child to stop the flow of blood. They use a special substance to shrink the vaginal  walls.

They share the same bed but Avoid Intercourse
           In cold countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Scotland there is a practice in which two people of opposite sex share the same bed without engaging in sexual intercourse. The custom appears to have originated as a  protection from the cold.

           Similarly in Kenya, one of the tribes permits the girls of the society to visit their male friends in a special hut, where they eat and sleep together but do not indulge in sexual intercourse .

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