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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends


Sixty-Nine Position

           It refers to mutual oral sex by new trend . The partners assume a head to toe position and perform fellatio and cunnilingus simultaneously.

Sixty-Six position
           It refers to anal intercourse. Its synonymous term is ninety-nine position.

Spanking and Sex
           A term referring to spanking as a form of sexual stimulation. Studies have shown that children can be aroused by spanking which may be one reason many of them invite punishment.

Sperm Speed
           Human spermatozoa have been recorded moving at an average speed of 1.5 millimeters per minute.

State Films
           It refers to short films in which sexual acts are explicitly depicted.

           It refers to rendering an individual  incapable to reproduction.

           It refers to a provocative performance in which women or  in some instances  men, parade or dance fully clothed, and then slowly expose more and more  of their body by removing one articles of clothing after another.

           It is a psychoanalytical term for the unconscious process of channeling sexual or aggressive drive into acceptable expression; for example, an exhibitionistic urge may gain an approved outlet in socially acceptable way.

           It refers to female demon said to have sexual intercourse with sleeping males. It is a medieval term.

Sugar Daddy
           It refers to an older man who provides financially for a woman, usually in return for sexual  favours.

Surrogate Mother
           A woman who takes the place of a sterile wife for the purpose of insemination by the husband.

           It refers to sexual behaviours designed to provoke sexual interest or suggest availability for sexual activity.

           It refers to the male sex hormone secreted by the interstitial cells of the testis. It is the most potent of all the natural male sex hormones.

Test Tube baby
           It refers to an infant whose conception was produced outside the human body.

Tom Boy
           It refers to a girl who enjoys rough, noisy games.

Top Less
           It refers to bare breasted dances, waitresses and other women in service or entertainment  functions.

           It refers to a lesbian practice in which one partner  lies on top  of the other and stimulates coitus by rubbing the genitals together.

           It refers to the tube by which urine passes from the bladder out of the body. The female urethra is relatively short, a little more than 1 inch in length. The male urethra is about 8 inches long. That is the reason why a woman when urinates makes whistling sound.

Vaginal Lubrication
           It refers to secretion of lubricating fluid by the vaginal  walls and Batholin’s glands situated on each side of the vaginal orifice. It occurs during excitement  making coitus easier to perform.

           A large varicose vein in the scrotum that is  associated with as many as 40 percent of cases of male infertility. Surgical correctness of a varicocele reportedly increases the sperm count in half the cases.

Vas Deferens
           It refers to a long muscular tube that carries spermatozoa from the epididymis to the urethral portion of the prostate gland.

Wham band Thank You Madam
           It refers to male attitude towards sexual intercourse as something  to be indulged in for speedy and selfish  gratification, with no thought for affection or feelings of one’s  partner.

           It refers to that man who have sexual affairs with numerous women.

           It is a method of birth control.

           Vasectomy involves making two small cuts in the scrotum in order to snip the duct known as Vas Deference on each side and tie off the cut ends, so that sperm cannot travel into the man’s urethra and out of his penis. After a man has been sterilized, and once his semen no longer contains sperm, he cannot make a woman pregnant but he can still have erection, ejaculate and enjoy sex in the same way that he did before he was sterilized. A trained doctor can do this operation within a couples of minutes.

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