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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends

Strange Sexual Terms

Four-First method
           It refers to a phrase meaning find them, feel them, fuck them, and forget them.

Forget me not
           It is another name for venereal disease.

Fruit Fly
           It refers  to a woman who seeks the company of homosexual men because such relationship  may offer protection from male sexual behaviours and sexual aggressiveness.

Garden of Eve
           It refers to vagina.

           It refers to homosexuals.

           It refers to female homosexuals.

Gay marriage
           It refers to a long term monogamous or relatively monogamous relationship between two males or two female homosexuals who share the same house.

Genital Libido
           It refers to sexual desire concentrated on the genital organ, including the urge to masturbate and to engage in intercourse.

Gentleman of the Backdoor
           It refers to a man practicing anal intercourse.

           It refers to a paid male companion  or lover of a  wealthy woman. In some cases, he many also perform sexual  services.

Girlie Magazines.
           It refers to periodicals featuring  photographs and other illustrations of nude or seminude females.

Glory Hole
           It refers to a hole cut in the wall of a cubicle of a public lavatory, through which  a man can put his penis for someone on the other side to fellate.

Go-Go Girls
           It refers to scantily clad women who perform provocative dances in discotheques or night clubs.

           It refers to obscene words or drawings  scrawled on walls, lavatory, cubicles or other public  places. The object appears  to be release  inhibitions, or to protest against sexual conventions of society as a  whole.

Hard Core Sex
           It refers to bad and explicit sexual activity.

Hysterical pregnancy
           It refers to a false pregnancy or pseudocyesis, usually resulting from emotional  conflict and immaturity.

           It refers to a feeling of worry or embarrassment that stops you doing or saying what you really want to do, inhibition of sexual impulse is frequently attributed by psychoanalysis to unconscious  feelings of guilt implanted by parents or the society.

Interfemoral intercourse
            It refers to a non-vaginal method of sexual intercourse in which the penis is inserted between the pressed thighs of the partner, frequently  used during the last month of pregnancy.

           It refers to a form of fellatio in which the penis makes in and out movements while in the women's mouth, similar to those of vaginal intercourse.

Lady Killer
           It refers to refers to a man who is obsessed with his abilities to attract the attention of women. He suffers from feelings of inferiority about his sexual prowess and overcompensates by demonstrating that he is attractive to female.

           It refers to inordinate indulgence in sexual activity or sexual provocative behaviour; lustfulness, lasciviousness, lewdness etc. 

           It refers to a sexual relationship between a man and a woman who are not married  to each other.

           It refers to refers to someone's desire to have  sex.

           It refers to sexual activity that is completely unrestrained sexual behaviour and that is uncontrolled by legal or moral codes.

Loaded Ship
           It refers to refers to intercourse during pregnancy.

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