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Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

The wonders of Ovum
           The female  reproductive  cell or egg cell is called Ovum. An ovum is so small that it can't be seen without  a microscope. In women and girls who have reached  puberty, ovaries take it in turns to release an ovum each month.

           The ovum travels down the fallopian tube and if it meets a man's sperm and is fertilized, it lodges itself in the woman's  uterus and starts to develop into a baby. If it is not fertilized, it passes out of the woman's vagina in her vaginal fluid.

           It is estimated that girls are born with 4 lakhs ova stored in their ovaries. But only about 300 to 500 are released during a woman's fertile years between puberty and the menopause. The remaining disintegrate. Generally, less than twenty  become  fertilized. Their chances of survival are governed by the hormones controlling the mechanism producing menstruation .

The Wonders of Male Sperm
           Male reproductive cell which fertilizes a female ovum is called  sperm. A male sperm bears a Y-chromosome. It can be differentiated under a microscope from spermatozoon carrying  an X-chromosome by its smaller, spade shaped head and longer tail. The male sperm is lighter ands faster, perhaps accounting for the higher male conception ratio. Its head transmits the qualities of genus and individual. The neck acts as an oar to sweep the sperm forward. These sperms come into motion when they are blended  with a liquid secretion of the vesicles and prostate gland but in the testicles they remain motionless.

           In boys who have reached  puberty  and in men sperm are produced in testes. Up to one hundred million sperm can mature in 24 hours.

           When a man ejaculates, about 400 million sperms are squeezed up the sexual terms where they mix with seminal fluid and other substances from the prostate gland to make semen. The semen then spurts out of the tip of the penis. When  a man has intercourse with a woman, and his penis is inside her vagina and he ejaculates, the sperm can swim though the woman's  cervix into her uterus  and travel up her fallopian tubes. If a single sperm meets a mature ovum here and joins with it, a baby starts. Only one sperm is needed to fertilize an ovum.

           As soon as this sperm gets through the outer layer of the ovum, a chemical change takes place which stops any other  sperm from getting in.

           A man or a boy produces as much sperms as are needed. If he is not ejaculating due to masturbation or sexual intercourse, the production of the sperm slows down. During puberty, when sperms are produced that are not needed, some of the these sperms may leak out of the penis in wet dream it is sexual functions. This is a normal part of growing up. A man can go on producing sperm until well into old age.

The Wonders of Epididymis
           It refers to a part of the male reproductive system. Two thin coiled tubes, one lying over the back of each testis which stores the sperm that have been made in the testes. Although the epididymis occupies a small amount of space in its  twisted from behind a testis, it may reach a length  of about  550 cm if stretched out. These stores millions of sperms.

The Wonder of Scrotum

Why Scrotum always Hangs Down?
           The reason they hang outside the body at all is that sperms are best  produced at one or two degrees lower than the normal body temperature. The testes can only produce sperm at a temperature of 35 C, which is 2 degrees  cooler than the  temperature inside the body. If they get too cold, the skin of the scrotum shrinks, drawing  the testes up towards the body for warmth.  But if they get too hot, the scrotum drops slightly  so that the testes can cool down.

           During fear, extreme cold or sexual excitement, the testes contract, become hardened and more compact and get close to the body for warmth. In its loose, descended  state the skin of the scrotum is less sensitive to heal touch .

The wonders of Erogenous Zones
           The areas of the body which make as feel sexually aroused when they are touched, stroked or kissed are called Erogenous Zones. These  include the lips, genitals including  the clitoris, vagina, penis, mouth, anus, scrotum and urethra. Also the areas adjacent to knowledge of sex organs and other orifices  of the body nose, ears and neck. These are not identical in all individuals or at least, do not possess identical degrees of sensitivity. We find that in some people other parts of the body make them feel sensitive when they are touched by the sexual new trends.

Breasts and Nipples
           Breasts and nipples have erotic value as these are very sensitive parts. The caresses of nipples and Areola, the area of the skin which surrounds the nipples are sexually aroused by the tongue, caressed by the finger or by definite suction giving great  pleasure. This effect is further enhanced when the nipples themselves  have become erect.

           When the nipples and the clitoris  are simultaneously  and delicately caressed, they mutually enhance each other's  stimulation. This double contact gives the maximum possible pleasure outside coitus. Man's nipples  are also capable to receiving sexual myths and becoming erect.

           The breasts are erotically very attractive.The mere sight or outline of the bosom is somewhat exciting to men; and to touch this portion of the beloved woman's body increases desire. Many women desire their breasts to be admired and fondled.

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