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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
The Third Night of  the Tantra
The Fourth Night of  the Tantra
The Fifth Night of  the Tantra
The Sixth Night of  the Tantra
The Seven Night of  the Tantra
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The Tantra tells this story of the “first humans” brought forth by Kali and Mahakala:
            All were Tantric masters at the beginning. They multiplied and initiated  all into the knowledge  and pleasures of Tantra.  But succeeding generations became  so engrossed in pleasure, they lost the knowledge of using their sexual energy for creative purposes in their  lives.
            Each Tantric was a master of pleasure and Control, to heighten pleasure. But the regenerated power and energy filled them with anxiety, for they had no purpose for it beyond that of pleasure.
            The Tantra tells the story of that Tantric Master who heightened sensitivity and pleasure  each day, but could not find the key for  channeling this  great energy to other parts of her being.  The search itself caused great frustration. She became nervous and unhappy even amid the sensual pleasures she experienced.
            Then, one night, as she held her lover in her arms and drew pleasure, her mind, emotions, and body reeled with a vision; she was enveloped by the duality of Kali and Mahakala. They fired her body to such heights of ecstasy that she entered a trance like state, on the verge of an orgasm that would not occur because Kali repeatedly wrote the yantra of Control on her mind while Mahakala entered her from below and whispered the mantra of Control into her ear.
            Suspended between the taut heights of pleasures and control, she suddenly heard a new mantra from Mahakala, while Kali pictured on the blackness of her mind all of the practical everyday things which the woman desired in life.
            Suddenly the Kali and Mahakala were gone, but they had bestowed on this Tantric master the great secret of Tantra: Controlled Channeling.
            She had relearned the secret which had become lost. And she taught the secret to her lover, and to all those who would learn.  And she worshiped  Kali and Mahakala and founded anew the great cult of ecstasy known as Tantra.

The Channeling Mantra

The sound:  Ahh. Nahh. Yahh. Tawnnn.

The Channeling Ritual

            You have established the nightly ritual of Awareness, through the Focusing and Intensifying Focus Rituals, and carried these through to the Control Ritual.  You have  reached  the point where you are on the verge of orgasm.  You remove your hands  and cease  masturbation.  You are bringing  about Control through the use  of the Control Mantra and Yantra.
            Your hands are folded across your abdomen and you are still in the same position on the bed, nude, knees apart, soles of feet pressed together.
            Through the Control Ritual and Yantra, you have reached a point where you feel you have attained control; you have stopped  the impending orgasm and,  though you would like  to continue  masturbating or have sex relations, you will not because  you are in Control and will not violate the One-Hour rule.
            When you reach this point, you may begin the rewarding Tantric process of Channeling.
            This is the procedure:
            When you have attained Control, retain your position and cease the Control Mantra and Yantra.  You may resume them, of course, if the urgent desire for sexual satisfaction overtakes you.
            Now, fix in your mind the image of some everyday situation or problem that has been bothering you.  You may have decided, prior to beginning, precisely what  problem or situation you will  choose for channeling.
            Suppose you have a serious problem to solve, or a decision to make, or  suppose you have been irrigable and   nervous. Start thinking about the problem as soon as you attain Control.  Isolate it.  Start saying the Channeling Mantra over and over, while “writing” the words identifying the problem, on the black void of imagery.
            This will begin a conditioning process that channels your highly  stimulated sexual concentration  into the resolution of the  of the problem.
            The process is deceptively simple:
            You have  attained Control.
            You are ready to Channel your energy.
            You retain your position on the bed and start saying the Channeling Mantra  over and over, alternating it with an isolated statement of the problem, as  follows:
            “Ahh, Nahhh. Yahh. Tawnnn.  I will remain more calm and patient.  Be at peace within myself   and with others.  Ahh, Nahhh. Yahh. Tawnnn.”
            “Ahh, Nahhh. Yahh. Tawnnn.  The right idea for solving the problem about will come to me.  I am creative.  The answer will come.  Ahh, Nahhh. Yahh. Tawnnn.”
Repeat the process six times, presenting the same problem or desire each of the six times.  Keep the wording simple, and repeat it.  Your mind already knows the details of the problem, so all you want is a few words to direct concentration to it. To intensify  that concentration, “write” the words you are saying to yourself (manta included) on the black void of the imagery.
            Once you have repeated the Channeling six times, cease the Channeling Mantra and stop thinking about the problem  or the process.
            Now recite the Control Mantra  two times.
            Then  repeat twice the Awareness Mantra. Remove your hands from your stomach and get up from the bed.
            Now, observing the One-Hour Rule, go about your regular routine.  Many Tantric perform the Awareness, Control and Channeling Rituals about one to two hours before they go to bed to sleep.  They arise after the exercises, have  a glass of wine, take a hot bath, and then, after the hour has passed, go to bed, prepared for sex or just for sleep.
            You will still be in a  sexually stimulated state.  Use the Control Mantra, along with the Control imagery, to maintain Control during the One Hour, or longer, if you wish.
            Do not expect the answer or solution to the problem you presented during Channeling to suddenly pop into your mind.  Try not to dwell on it.  Your ally, your sexual concentrative power, is now subconsciously at work for you.
            At some unexpected moment , the answer will surface.  Or you will realize that the desired results are being achieved.
            And with each passing night of practicing the Awareness, Control and Channeling Rituals, all of your powers will increase.



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