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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
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The Tantric Master spoke to his Initiates in these  words:
            “You have reached the plateau of understanding the pleasures your body affords you through the senses.  And you have  intermixed and focused these pleasures through  the yantra and mantra.  But your pleasure  is only now beginning.  To reach new heights  of stimulations, you must first  learn to control the senses  of pleasure.  Therein lie sexual feelings and energy and power beyond all you have dreamed before.”
            This is the single most important  ritual in Tantra.  It is the key to all that lies ahead.

The Control Mantra

            The sound: Pahhh. Dahhh.  O-mahhh.
It should  be committed to memory by chanting it softly or loudly or to oneself, as specified  in the exercises.

The Control Ritual

            Lying on the bed, with the knees spread and the bottoms of the feet pressing against each other go through the regular focusing ritual, continuing into the Intensifying Focus Ritual.
            At the end of these  rituals, after saying the Awareness Mantra the final time, return your  hands again to your penis, gripping it with the index  fingers and thumbs, as before.
            Say the Awareness Mantra.  Continue  gripping the penis and slide the fingers away from the base   of the penis, up the shaft to the tip.  Relax the squeezing  pressure  and slide the  fingers back downward to the base  of the penis.  Then  squeeze and slide back to the  tip.  Using these movements, concentrate on the yantra imagery of your action, to stimulate your penis to an erection and begin to masturbate. The exact movements of the fingers and thumbs now become a matter of personal preference.  But the position on the bed,  soles of feet  pressed together, must be maintained.  If you prefer, use one hand (or finger  and thumb)to stimulate the penis, while the other finger and thumb touch  and  press the scrotum, perineum, and  anal opening.  Naturally, other sexual imagery will arise.  This is the fine as long as you also keep the Awareness Mantra and the Yantra as part of your pleasure.
            As soon as you feel the urge of orgasm, you should immediately being saying the Control Mantra, and remove yours hands from your penis and fold them across your abdomen.  You will be highly aroused, but you must refrain from further  masturbation and continue to repeat (loudly, if it helps) the control Mantra.  If at first  you feel that  orgasm might occur even after you remove your hands, you should use the thumb and index finger of the right hand to “pinch” tightly the tip of the penis.  This will numb the penile nerve endings and  prevent ejaculation.  But this must be done quickly, and then  the fingers removed and the hands returned to the abdomen.
            As soon as you stat saying the Control Mantra, immediately change your yantra imagery, concentrate, and conjure up in your mind a giant void of blackness on which the words of the Control mantra pahh, dahhh, o-mahhh are written. This yantric concentration of blackness is as important as removing your hands and ceasing masturbation.  This, with the sound of the mantra itself, is your key to control.
As you fight for this control, you will find you are still sexually excited but your stimulation is under your Control. 
            Continue to lie on the bed until your feel you have attained complete control created by your mantra and yantra.  Then you should raise and do whatever you wish:  have a glass of wine, or watch television, or read, or go out, or prepare to go to sleep.  But you must not masturbate or engage in any sexual relations for at least one hour.
            While going about your  normal  routine after this ritual, your sexual drive will be very strong.  Whenever  you feel a need to masturbate  or have sexual relations  in any form, repeat  the Control Mantra and use the yantra imagery to maintain your Control.
            If, after one hour  has passed, you  engage in any form of sex, you will find that, having completed the Control Ritual, your sexual energy is increased.  You will reach a higher level of sexual stimulation and greater,  more intense, satisfaction.  Enjoy the increase in your sexual pleasure;  right now you don’t need to be concerned with Tantric Control.
            The first time you try this exercises will be the most difficult.  Each  succeeding time, you will find Control comes a little more easily.  After a while you will be able to  draw closer and closer to the actual point of orgasm, and still be able to pull back with  Tantric Control.  The stronger your control becomes, the better.  If is not  considered unusual, once  complete Control is established, to continue masturbating while the mantra  and yantra imagery of control are used.  You will then be able to sustain yourself  on the verge  of orgasm indefinitely, while controlling it completely.  This of course comes only with time and regular practice of the Awareness and Control exercises.
            Initiates often ask whether  this Control Ritual should  be performed  nightly as an extension  of the Focusing and Intensifying  focus Rituals.  The answer   is yes.  Just as the Awareness Rituals are part of establishing a daily pattern, so this all important Control Ritual must be part of the conditioning process.  To be able to heighten Awareness, pleasure, and Control, the patterns must be established  and practiced regularly.
            Now you are beginning to see that these   rituals  proceed in a logical sequence  designed to gradually bring   heightened sexual pleasure, while enabling  you to have control over it.
            This is the most important single  ritual of the Tantra.  It may appear  to be the most difficult to master, but if you follow the instructions carefully and practice with determination, mindful of the objectives to be gained,  you will soon master it.
            Now  we move on to a logical  extension of this  Control Ritual:  The Channeling of Sexual Power.



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