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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
The Third Night of  the Tantra
The Fourth Night of  the Tantra
The Fifth Night of  the Tantra
The Sixth Night of  the Tantra
The Seven Night of  the Tantra
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This book is intended as a modern interpretation of the goals and methods of Tantric sex, divested of mysticism, legend, history, and the esoteric doctrines of Tantra.
            There may, however, be readers who would prefer now to study the Tantra "intact."
            There are many good books which discuss the teachings of the Tantra, or you may wish to search out translations of the Tantric texts, themselves. A variety of Hindu (yoga) and Buddhist philosophies also include Tantric ideas.
            Basically, Tantric teaching relies on a vision of cosmic sexuality the continual process of union and creation that is the universe and all that lies beyond.  It is not a religion.  It is an "approach to understanding self, and through self, the  world and the universe."  It sees Man and Woman as unhappy because of lack of self-understanding, and it seeks to guide them through rituals of action, back to their own origins.
            Through a maze of symbolic thought patterns, Tantra leads each person back to the identity  of his own essence, as  it was at the dawn of creation  itself. 
            Tantra a teaches that Man and Woman, basically one, must  off anxieties  and the shackles of society dictate convention and seek their own independent  attitudes by which they  can live. To do this, the Tantric pulls together all the energy of his mind, emotions, and body, through their most common meeting point, sexuality.  And with sexuality as the transporter, Man and Woman can move forward to true enlightenment.
            By repeating processes, we learn; by repeating procedures, and deliberately forming a ritual around them, we can drastically alter ourselves, our lives, and our sex enjoyment of both.
            The study of Tantra  will take the reader through its own Genesis of the world's  Creation; a totally  different concept of Time and the space Man occupies; and its  own highly symbolic view  of the  world, and of man and Woman.
            The continuous re-creations of time, the world, and Man and Woman, is at the center of the symbolism. The trip upward to enlightenment is mapped carefully, and can be reached.  Many  have arrived.  But it must be sought and experienced.  It will not come to those who passively wait, no matter how hard they study the map.
            The Tantra carries  the student forward  into further study of yantric imagery and the symbolic  icons  of which the  Shri yantra is the most  complex, and most powerful.
            At the center of the Shri yantra is the "dot of female power," the point from which the universe was created. The icon contains upward pointing (male) triangles, and downward pointing  (female) triangles, whose interpenetration spreads into lesser angular designs symbolizing  the definitive  areas of the  "reality" we know in this world.
            These defined areas of our "reality" are merely extensions of our minds, which are in turn only parts of the essence that is the whole.
            It would be presumptuous to try to put into a few words, or even a few pages, all of the knowledge  and ideas included  in the thousands of volumes that have been written on Tantra.
            We could speak here of the self-creating Yoni (vulva) and the anointing of semen by the Lingam (penis); the role of Kali the Creative Force as Kali the Destroyer, who must be destructive in order to create; Shiva, as male energy, and Shakti as female energy; the subtle body; the ebb and flow of psychic energy through the body's charkas and hundreds of other concepts, all a part of Tantra.
            It is obvious, from mentioning these few, that the study of Tantra is a separate pursuit which cannot be contained in one small area.
            But as you experience Tantric sex, you will inevitably desire to know more  of the  doctrines of Tantra.
            And the more you experience all of the Tantric Doctrines, the more your life will be changed, for you will understand your being and is essence.

Formal studies

            A  such, there does not  appear  to be  an "ashram" solely for Tantric study.  However, there are some  groups  whose studies have incorporated much Tantric  teaching:
            Vajrayana  is the "extreme" form of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Small groups  of believers   may be found in many larger, more  general . Buddhist  study groups.  They usually have informal meetings and must be sought out. They never seek publicity or try to convert anyone.  They believe that those who are seriously in search o their teachings will find them (which is not always the case).
            Many  of the  Hindu groups also  incorporate Tantric teaching.  But one must check into the specific group carefully, for the there are some Hindu (yoga) groups whose teachings are ascetic and therefore strongly opposed to the Tantra.  To them, as to many religious groups, Tantric are outcasts.
            Once you have studied the Rituals in this book, I suggest that you read one of more books on the doctrines of Tantra. Then, if you wish to find a group, do the following:
            Locate a  "Buddhist Center"  or a  "Tantric Yoga"  center  or  a "Center" for religion or philosophical studies  (which exist in most major cities of the  world), and represent yourself as "a Tantric  who wishes to learn more  of the true meaning  of Tantra in the pursuit of  enlightenment."
            If there are any Tantrically oriented groups within the centers, you will be directed to them and can easily determine, from what  you  now know, if they are what  you are   seeking.
            If the  centers are  ascetically oriented, that will  be obvious  after a brief discussion.
            Should you not have access to such centers of study, then I suggest you obtain  as many written works as possible on Tantra and begin your studies.  Discuss what you are studying with your  partner and your  friends.
            It takes only two people to form the nucleus of a study group.  Others who are interested will join you and you may soon have your own center of Tantric  studies, where  the interpretation of Tantra and  Tantric   studies, where the  interpretations of Tantra and Tantric  Sex  can be a focal  point of common  interest, leading to fulfillment of common goals.
            If you wish, you may  direct any questions you have to me, care of the publisher.  I will try to answer as quickly and completely  as possible.



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