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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
The Third Night of  the Tantra
The Fourth Night of  the Tantra
The Fifth Night of  the Tantra
The Sixth Night of  the Tantra
The Seven Night of  the Tantra
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The Tantric Master brought  them together, Male and Female, the First Night of the Tantra.
            And the Master spoke:
            "You have made your commitment to each other by your presence.  You shall know the ecstasy  of Kali and Mahakala as you move upward in search of the perfect union  which transcends all and brings true enlightenment."
            And the Tantric Master guided them, each and together, through  the ritual:

            Ideally two rooms should be used: one with a couch and low coffee table with pillows around it; the second,  a bedroom.  A single room makes it difficult when the Rituals specifies that the couple be separated for one purpose or another. However, this problem  can be overcome, possible by one partner or the other waiting in the bath or kitchen  while the other follows the instruction (thus the partners take turns with portions of the ritual, rather than completing them simultaneously in adjoining rooms.)
            There should always be a bottle of wine, bread, and cheese, or whatever  alternative repast the couple has chosen.
            On the First Night  of the Tantra, the couple should sit beside each other on the pillows beside the coffee table. Pour  and drink one glass of wine each, but do not touch one another except as instructed.
            While having your wine, this night and all other nights, you should determine what goals you will  seek through the Channeling that will occur  later.  These need not be discussed, unless you wish to reveal your Channeling goals  to each other.
            When the glass of wine is drunk, lean forward  and kiss gently on the lips, then  part.  The Male  should now stand and say, "I am ready."  (This is a direct translation from ancient Tantric Texts.  It communicates that you are ready to proceed to the next phase of the ritual, or, in later procedures, that both partners  are ready and willing to enter into the planned ritual, whatever it may be.)  The Female should then stand in front of him. The Male remains absolutely passive, his arms down by his sides, as the Female undresses him. Beginning with his shoes, socks, trousers, sweater, shirt, and underwear.  As she removes each item, she should look at, but not touch, that part of his body she has uncovered.  And she should repeat the Awareness Mantra, barely audibly, as each item is removed.  Thus she will overcome any self-consciousness about verbalizing the mantra in front of  her partner.
            Once the Male is totally nude, the Female should stand in front of the him and say, "I am ready."  The Male now removes her garments, beginning  with her  shoes,  stockings, skirt or slacks, sweater or blouse  or shirt, bra and  underpants.  He should likewise say, barely audibly, the Awareness Mantra as he removes each item and stares at the area of her body he has uncovered.
            Now the two stand  facing each other. 
            The Male now proceeds with the basic  steps  of the Awareness Rituals, except   that rather than focusing on his own reflection  in a mirror, he will focus on the Female's image in front of him. The Female  remains passive as the Male says the Awareness Mantra and extends  his fingers and  thumbs  to touch her lips;  then to heal touch the nipple of each breast; then to touch her  abdomen, then to slide  his hands downward to her abdomen, through the pubic  hair, to rest on the pubic bone.  At each point, he repeats the Awareness Mantra  and focuses his gaze  and concentration on the  parts being  touched.
            The Male then drops his arms to his sides and closes his eyes tightly, forming  an image of the Female  in his mind (just as he formed his own mirror image).  With his eyes still closed, he extends his thumbs and index fingers toward the Female.  She, with  her eyes open, guides his hands first to her lips,  then to each nipple, then  to the abdomen, then to the  mons veneris. She pauses at each point until she has heard him say the Awareness Mantra and knows  he is  ready to proceed  to the next point.
            The ritual should proceed slowly, so that each partner may enjoy touching and being  touched.
            After the Male  has rested his hands on the mons veneris, the Female releases his hands, which  he returns to his sides, and he opens his eyes. He will have held in his mind, while his eyes were closed, the  image and sensory impression of each part of her body he touched.
            Then the Female begins the process by staring at the Male's body as she did her own mirror image in the Awareness Ritual. She stares and concentrates as she moves her hands (index fingers and thumbs) to the Male's lips; then to each nipple; then to his abdomen then, sliding  both thumbs and index fingers downward along the abdomen, through the pubic hair, to encircle the penis just at its base and exert a slight "squeezing" pressure. At each point, she stops long enough to say the Awareness Mantra.
            The Male  remains passive.
            Then the Female drops her hands to her sides. She stares at the Male, then closes her  eyes tight, to  form an image of the Male clearly in her mind. She then extends her index fingers and thumbs to him. The Male, eyes open, takes her hands and directs the thumbs and index  fingers to his lips; then to each nipple; then to the  abdomen; then downward on the abdomen to the base of the penis, which  is encircled and "squeezed" as before.  The Male holds  the Female's  hands at each point until  he has heard her say one Awareness Mantra.  The Female  keeps her eyes closed, while  holding in her mind the yantra image and sensory impression of each part of the Male's body she is touching.
Now embrace, then part and sit across the table  from each other.  Sit quietly for a moment, then joint both hands across the table and say one Awareness Mantra.  At this point there should be no conversation.
            Now you must  separate, each to a different room; or each in turn leaving the room.
            Once she is in a room alone, the Female assumes the Awareness Rituals position, nude, on her back, soles pressed together, and goes through the Awareness Rituals, proceeding to the Control Ritual.
            In another room, the Male likewise performs  the Awareness Rituals, then the Control Ritual.
            It is mandatory that these  Rituals be performed  alone.  Try not to be  distracted by the knowledge  that your  partner is in the next room doing the same  thing.  Particularly in the Control Ritual, it maybe extremely difficult to prevent yourself from calling out to your partner to come to you while you are verging on orgasm.  It is precisely this increased sexual  stimulation  requiring increased  control that is necessary to achieve  the Tantric goal.
            The Male and Female, each alone, proceed to the end of the Control Ritual and once having come to the threshold of orgasm, then having attained control, each spends  a few minutes  reinforcing  that Control and doing the Channeling Ritual.
            Once you have each finished the Channeling Ritual, begin repeating the Control Mantra  again, aloud.  This is done to help retain Control under hyperstimulating circumstances.  It also lets your  partner know  that  you have completed  the Channeling Ritual.
            When both partners  have heard the other saying the Control Mantra loudly, one will say "I am ready."  Do not move from the position of the Ritual until your partner has replied, " I am ready."  Then rise from your positions and meet again at the low table.  This moment will require great  Control.  Both of you have been  stimulated to the point of orgasm, you will be fighting for Control.  Of course, you will be obviously aware  of your partner's arousal; the penis  remains erect, or partially erect; the nipples may also be flushed and erect, the clitoris and labia distended.
            Pour two glasses of wine, sit  across from each other at the table, join hands and repeat the control Mantra.  Then sip the wine, without  conversation."
            You should  repeat, as loudly and as often as necessary, the Control Mantra, in order to maintain absolute control.
            The Channeling Mantra should be used during the next hour.  It will be most effective in this charged air of sexual excitement and energy.
            When either the Female or the Male feels the attainment  of complete control and has used the channeling  process, you may begin to speak to each other. You  may  discuss your feelings and the Ritual, or anything  you wish, but you must not touch.
            If you feel Control slipping away, repeat the Control Mantra and the all important Control Yantra imagery.  Remember, the Control imagery works  best, whether alone or in the Couples situations, when you say  the mantra and at the same time "write"  the words of the Mantra in large  white letters on the black void of imagery.  By imagining the letters forming the words  of the mantra, the  mind  doubles its concentration  on comes  easier, faster.
            Now, the wine and cheese and bread.  And talk.  A time for intimate verbal communication during this entire hour.
            When the hour has passed and it must be an hour, not fifty minutes you may do whatever you wish.   Have  sexual relations   in whatever manner you wish,  without  concern for  anything other than the ecstasy   of loving, being  loved,  and feeling  fulfilled and satisfied.
            After having sexual  relations, you should  know that, though your  body is going through  the postcoital period  of satiation  called "resolution,"  there remains  within  you a fantastic supply  of sexual energy and  concentrative  force. This can best be utilized, as you go to sleep, by using the Channeling Mantra and Yantra imagery, to help you achieve goals  in your life.
            "In this way are you joined  beyond  your physical union, beyond pleasure, beyond time, as one."



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