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The Mantra of Awareness
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
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Though the Tantric Master may not be physically present during the Seven Nights of the Tantra, his or her presence is felt as the rituals are carried out.
            The Tantric Master speaks to the mind, emotions, body, and spirit.
            The Bond of Tantra is formed between the Female and Male through the rituals. As the Tantric Master says:
            "Ask not that others understand the joining of your bodies in pleasure, nor your minds in comprehension, nor your spirits in understanding. They who have not experienced, cannot know. Seek not to explain, for words will fail you.
            "Open instead your bodies, minds, feelings, and spirits only to those who have shared the experience of the rituals. They will understand. And your sharing of knowledge through exchange of words with other Tantric can serve to create further understanding within yourself."
            In this ritual, the setting is the same as on the previous nights. The Couple meets at the table and drinks the first glass of wine while contemplating this ritual and the subject of their Channeling.
            When the glass of wine has been drunk, the Male stands, says, "I am ready," and slowly removes his clothes as the Female watches. Then the Male sites and the Female stands, says, "I am ready," and removes her clothes slowly. The procedure is to be followed precisely as it was the previous night.
            Now totally nude, stand facing each other, kiss and embrace, then walk to the bath.
            The procedure of the bath is to be followed, using the tub, shower, or bidet.
            Then return again to the table and sit quietly for a few minutes.
            Then once again assume the Contemplative Position of Tantra. With your hands on each others' kneecaps, say three mantras of Awareness.
            Then the Male says, "I am ready." The Female moves her hands from his knees and leans forward from the pelvis, to grasp and "cup" the Male's penis and testicles as she did in last night's Contemplative portion of the ritual.
            Once the Male's genitals are cupped within her hands, encircled by her fingers, the Female says, "I am ready."
            The Male then proceeds with the ritual. He is to follow the procedure precisely as he did last night: three contractions, with the Female saying, "I feel," as each contraction is relaxed. Then, at the end of the third contraction, the Female slides her hands, fingers, and thumbs encircling the penis with pressure, away from the Male's body, along the shaft of the penis, to the glens. She then releases the penis and returns  her hands to his knees.
            After saying three mantras, the Female says, "I am ready,"   and the Male removes his right hand from her knee, leaning forward from the pelvis, inserting his right index finger slowly into her vagina, following precisely the same procedure as before.
            Once the index finger  is in place in the vagina, and the other  fingers  of his hand are "curled" to prevent  their touching the outer areas of the vagina, the Male says,  "I am ready."
            Now the Female contracts the muscles three times, relaxing after each contraction, at which point the Male says, " I feel."
            At the end of the third contraction, the Male slowly withdraws his finger, with a slight  upward pressure so that, as it is withdrawn, the finger wipes upward, across the urethra and clitoris, then away from the vagina and back to its place on her knee.
            Once again the couple is reminded that the use of fewer words, in describing a ritual  when it is  repeated, does not diminish the important of the ritual, nor the importance of carrying out that ritual in every detail.
            Once this is completed, the  couple should return to the table and remain silent for a  minute, directing their attention  to the mantra  and the remaining parts  of this ritual.
            They stand, embrace, kiss, and walk  to the bedroom.
            In the lighted bedroom, the Male lies on his back on the bed, in the Awareness Control position, hands folded across abdomen, knees apart, soles of feet pressing together.   He closes  his eyes and established the  imagery of himself,  while saying the Awareness Mantra.
            The Female  sits at the foot of the bed, just beyond the Male's   feet.   During  this ritual she should not move  and she is not to touch the male, or herself.
            The Male now begins the Awareness Ritual with some modification, as follows:
            He brings his hands from his abdomen to his lips, hold the yantra image, says the mantra, and returns hands to abdomen.
            He brings his hands to his nipples, says the mantra, rolls the nipples with pleasing pressure, holds the imagery, repeats the mantra, then returns his hands to his abdomen.
            He slides his hands downward across his abdomen, through the pubic hair, to the base of the penis.  His fingers and thumbs surround the base of the penis and squeeze while he holds the imagery and says the mantra twice.
            His fingers slide along the underside of the base of the penis to its ultimate perceptible "roots" within the scrotum where he applies pressure and holds the imagery as he says one mantra.
            His hands relax on the genitals.
            His fingers slide around either side of the testicles and the tips rest on the perineum; pressure is applied; the image held; the mantra said twice.
            His hands relax  on his  genitals.
            His fingers slide downward, across the perineum, to the muscles at the entrance of the rectum; inward pressure is applied, the  imagery held,  the  mantra said twice.
            His hands relax on the  genitals.
            His hands slide upward  to the base of the penis; fingers and thumbs  encircles the  penis; pressure is applied while two mantras are said and the imagery  is held.
            At the end of the mantras, the encircling pressure on the penis is maintained and the thumbs and fingers encircling the penis are drawn upward, along the shaft of the penis, over the glans, and away.
            Then, immediately, the fingers and thumbs return to the base of the penis, encircle it again, squeeze, and slide along the shaft to the tip and away.
            This action is repeated until a full, firm erection is attained.             Once the erection is attained, the Male  begins masturbating, as he   does alone in the Control Ritual.
            He will, of course,  be aware   of the Female watching him. That is all the more reason he must maintain his imagery and attempt to masturbate as he would normally, if  the Female were not there.   He must maintain his position on the bed, eyes closed, using the imagery and the mantra.
            The Female, without moving, should observe closely the movements of the Male's hands as he masturbates himself.
            The Males must  put total concentration  into his  actions and not be distracted by the Female's presence. He should be neither self-conscious nor out of Control because she is there. It is, after all, the purpose of the  exercises to remove yet another remnant of self-conscious inhibition, and establish further the powers of Control.
            The Male continues to masturbate until he feels orgasm approaching, at which point he should immediately cease to masturbate, return his hands to his abdomen, and repeat the Control Mantra, with the  Control Yantra imagery of the "written words,"  until he has attained Control.
            The Male will strongly desire to reach out for the Female and enter into sexual relations.  And the ritual may have the same effect on the Female, who will wish to satisfy herself and the male because of the stimulation that has aroused them both.
            But Control is the key!
            And Control must be attained and maintained.  The Male must  back away, under Control, from the verge of his orgasm.  He must call on the Control Mantra and Yantra imagery, and use them with all concentrative force.
            As soon as Control is felt, the Male should switch from the Control Mantra to the Channeling Mantra and Yantra imagery, and make full use of this supercharged power to Channel the energy to other concerns.
             Interspersed with the Channeling Mantra and Imagery, he may also repeat the Control Mantra and Imagery, to help him maintain control.
            Once he feels that he is in complete Control, he may open his eyes and sit up.  He must  avoid  touching the Female  or himself, as he stands and steps away from the bed.
            The Male and Female do not speak at this  time.
            When the Male  steps away from the bed, the Female slowly  stands and walks to the side of the bed then lies upon it in the prescribed  position for her Awareness Rituals.
            She closes her eyes and brings  to mind the same Yantra imagery as when she performs this ritual alone.  She must use great concentrative effort  to fix and sustain the imagery, to avoid being  distracted by the male's presence.
            The male sits quietly  and passively on the foot of the  bed.  Though he has Control of himself, he has developed a powerful energy buildup by carrying himself to the verge of orgasm.  For this reason, his observation of the Female during this  ritual  will be extremely stimulating, and while watching he may have to close his eyes  on occasion and bring forth the Control Yantra  imagery and say the Control Mantra (to himself) to avoid losing Control. Whatever he has to do, must be done quietly without moving. He must, under no circumstances, touch the Female or himself during the course of the ritual.
            In her position on the bed, the Female fixes the Yantra imagery strongly in her mind, says the Awareness Mantra, then proceeds with Awareness Ritual and then Control Ritual with modifications as follows:
            She brings her hands from her abdomen to her lips, touches them  lightly, says   the mantra once, holds the Yantra, and returns  her hands to her abdomen.
            She next brings her hands to her breasts; her fingers slide over each breast, to grasp the nipples and roll them gently, feeling the warm sensation while saying the mantra twice and holding the yantra.  She returns her hands to her abdomen.
            Then her  hands slide slowly down the abdomen, through the pubic  hair, across the mons veneris, to rest  on either  side of the vaginal opening.  Her  thumbs  open the labia of the vagina and the index fingers press on the clitoris  while two mantras are said.
            She relaxes her hands and allows  the vaginal  labia  to close.
            She moves her hands  downward until the fingertips rest on the perineum.  Her fingers press on the perineum as she says the mantra twice.
            Again her hands relax on the vagina.
            The hands move downward, across the perineum, to the muscles at the  entrance to the rectum. Her fingers apply inward pressure on the rectal opening.  The mantra is said twice.
            She returns  her hands to the vagina and her thumbs open the labia  as far as possible  while her fingers  press on the clitoris.
            Then with  fingers and thumbs, she begins  masturbating, as she does when her sexual practices the Control Ritual alone.
            The Female will, of course, be aware that the Male is watching her, and she must  attempt to masturbate as she would normally. She must  maintain the position  on the bed, eyes closed, using the imagery and he mantra.
            The Male, without moving, should observe closely the movements of the Female's hands as she masturbates herself.  He need not concern himself with her  fantasy   images, only with the way she touches and massages herself  to bring her closer and closer  to orgasm.
            The Female  should be neither self-conscious nor out of Control because the Male is present. She should continue to masturbate  until she feels orgasm approaching. Then she should immediately cease masturbating, and switch from the Yantra of masturbation and the Awareness Mantra, to the imagery of Control, saying and "writing" the Control Mantra on the black void of her Yantra.
            Her hands should immediately  return to their previous position, folded across her abdomen.
            She may now have a very strong desire to reach out for the male, draw him close, and make love. And the Male may be feeling the same desire.
            But remember:  Control is the key!
            And control must be attained and maintained by the Female now, as it was by the Male earlier.  The Female must pull herself away from the impending orgasm, using all the concentrative efforts of the Yantra and Mantra to bring about that Control.
            Once the  Female has attained Control, she should switch from the Control Mantra and Yantra to the Yantra and Mantra of Channeling, making control of the great power that she has generated.  She may alternate  between the Control Mantra and Yantra imagery, and the Channeling Mantra and Yantra imagery, and the channeling Mantra and Yantra imagery, using each in turn, maintaining Control and utilizing that Control and energy to the fullest.
            Once the Female feels she has complete Control, and she has finished her Channeling, she may open her eyes and sit up on the edge of the bed.  
            When she  and the Male look at each other, in  this highly charged state, they must  continue to exercise  their Controls, to overcome any desire to healing touch ,  stimulate, or do anything else that might  lead to sexual   foreplay and lovemaking.
            You must not touch.  You must not speak.
            Walk silently from the room to your table, and sit.  Use the yantra and mantra of channeling as needed and desired.
            Pour the wine and begin the repast.
            As you drink  and eat, relax, but  always  remain in Control.
            The One-Hour Rule, in full, is to be observed this night.
            Now you should talk.  Exchange frank and honest  feelings and ideas  on what you have just witnessed and felt.  But ,maintain Control. If, in the middle of a sentence, you feel the resurgence of stimulation and desire, use the Control Mantra and Yantra imagery.  When  one of  you sees the other suddenly close  her or his eyes tight, you should be aware that Control is being  called forth; and silence should prevail as long as either partner is seeking Control.
            This should be part of the Tantric bond between you that you recognize the tightly closed eyes as a signal that one of you is calling forth Mantras and Yantra imagery. And the  response should be a respectful  silence.
            The purposes of this ritual are obvious:

  1. To remove self-consciousness. The act of masturbation is usually a solitary one.  By allowing your partner to witness this very private practice, you have removed another vestige of modesty and self-consciousness.
  2. Removal of inhibition. It may have proven difficult to go through the process of masturbation while being watched, particularly if your partner has never observed you before. By going through the act, to the verge of orgasm, you have removed an inhibiting  influence  within you. That is why there must never be any faking of impending orgasm. It must be carried out "for real" or you defeat the Tantric purpose.
  3. Control. Control on the part of both partners; Control through concentrative Yantra imagery, though your partner is present and watching; Control of the orgasm, under  these difficult circumstances; Control, to prevent either of you from engaging the other in sexual relations, even under the highly stimulating conditions.
  4. Awareness.  A different Awareness: an Awareness of how your partner, in the private moments  of masturbation, prefers to be stimulated; how  he or she handles and fondles and massages  and stimulates himself or herself. With this knowledge, you are able to be a  better love and sex partner to each.

            You should openly discuss these four aspects of this ritual. Honesty and candor in discussing the exercise itself, and the purpose outlined, will lead to a greater mental and emotional Awareness of want you now know physically. This is doorway through which  Tantric  Sex would take all couples opening the way to communication about all facets  of sex; leading the way to communication about  the accompanying emotions; guiding the way to greater mental  and spiritual understanding  between the partners, even  to coordination  of Channeling efforts. Your sexual relations will reach new levels of ecstasy and union.
            The bond created by Tantra is a special bond.  It exists within the Tantric themselves and is hardly expected to be understood or appreciated by those  who have never experienced the sharing and  openness of the ways of the Tantra, or the Controls that make it possible.
            At the end of their  hour, the couple  may release their Controls  to whatever degree they wish, and go to bed  to make love.
            And, as on each night, call forth the Channeling Yantra and Mantra as you relax your bodies and minds and drift into sleep.
            Channeling can make awaking each morning as brightly stimulating as the lovemaking of the night before.



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