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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
The Second Night of  the Tantra
The Third Night of  the Tantra
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The Fifth Night of  the Tantra
The Sixth Night of  the Tantra
The Seven Night of  the Tantra
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The Tantric Master spoke to the Female and Male:
            “No secret part of your physical self shall you keep hidden from one another. You shall look upon the body of the other as your own; upon the mind of the other, as your own; upon the yantra and mantra of the other, as your own; upon the pleasure of the other, as your own.
            “Seek to know even the smallest part of the other, and share the smallest part of yourself. Therein lie the pleasures and the powers that can be yours.”
            As on the First Night, the wine and food should be set on the low table and you should sit beside each other on the pillows, at the table. One glass of wine for each should be poured and sipped as you discuss the Ritual and plan the Channeling that you will use later.
            On this night it is the Female’s turn to stand first and say “I am ready.”
            The male undresses her as on the first night, repeating the Awareness Mantra as he removes each item of clothing until she is totally nude.
            Then the Male remains passive, arms at sides, and says, “I am ready,” and the Female undresses him, saying the Awareness Mantra as each article of clothing is removed, until he is completely nude.
            At this point, the Female and Male face each other, and perform the previous nights adaptation of the “mirror” Awareness Ritual, first with eyes open, then with eyes closed.
            The partner’s then step close to each other encircles each other with their arms, and kiss, long and probingly but with no stimulation other than the kiss itself and the closeness of the bodies embracing.
            The Couple should then walk nude to the bathroom. A hot, steaming tub of water should be drawn. A shower may be used but Tantric texts specify the tub (river) bath.
            The Male seats himself in the tub of water. The Female, kneeling at the side of the tub, washes his shoulders, back and chest. The Male then rises to a kneeling position in the tub and the Female washed his genitals. She should not attempt to sexually stimulate the genitals. The washing action itself, with soap and cloth, then rinsing, will prove stimulating enough.
            The Male should then step from the tub and the Female should dry his body with a warm towel. Her again there should be no additional caressing of the genitals.
            Now, depending upon the individuals’ wishes anew tub of water may be drawn, or the same water used. The Female sits in the bath, the male kneeling beside the tub. He washed her back, shoulders, and breasts. Then the Female rises to a kneeling position in the tub and the Male washes her genitals. The Male should not attempt any extra genitals stimulation.
            The female then steps from the tub and the Male dries her with a warm towel.
            The intimacy of the bath will heighten once more the Awareness of each other’s bodies and will help remove any inhibitions between the partners.
            The Tantric texts carry this “removal of modesty” a step further by stating that if either of the partners desires to urinate prior to getting into the tub of water, it should be done in full view of the other partner. Viewing yet another normal function of the partners body will not only heighten intimacy but, more important, will enable the partners to overcome self-consciousness in allowing others to witness moments usually regarded as personal and solitary.
            Now the couple, their bath completed, walk nude to the room and sit at the low table.
            Now, as on the first night, you separate, each to a different room. Again, go through the Awareness Rituals, then proceed to the Control Ritual. When orgasm is impending, fight for Control through the Control Mantra and Control Yantra imagery, until Control is attained. Then proceed to your individual Channeling Ritual. Once Control is complete and the Channeling Ritual done, let your partner know with the words “I am ready.” When you both have said this (and it must never be said until the Channeling is complete), get up and meet again at the low table. As it was last night, Control may be difficult, but it must be maintained. By now you should be able to help each other by holding hands and repeating the Control Mantra together. The “writing” of the words of the Control Mantra onto the yantra image remains the key to attaining and holding onto Control.
            The Channeling Mantra is repeated as often as desired in this atmosphere of charged sexual energy and power. And the wine is drunk, the repast eaten.
            On this night the Tantra permits a slight reduction to the One-Hour Rule, for a purpose.
            When forty-five minutes have passed, move the pillows away from the low table. Assume a seated position opposite each other. The Female should raise her knees while seated on the pillow, then spread her feet and knees as far apart as is comfortable for her.
            The Male should raise his knees and sit so that his legs are across the Female’s thighs, his feet are on either side of the Female’s buttocks. Thus their knees should be fairly close; her right knee to his left, his right knee to her left.
            This is knows as “The Contemplative position of Tantra.”
            Their hands should rest on each other’s kneecaps. In this Contemplative position, the genitals are open to view, yet the bodies are slightly separated.
            Begin to say softly the Awareness Mantra. Look first at each other’s faces, then at the nipples of the breasts, then at the navel, and finally at the penis or vagina.
            Without moving, each should look at and concentrate on the genitals of the other. Awareness Mantra should be said twice. Then the partners should close their eyes and bring to their minds the imagery of the other partner’s sex organs. At this point, the yantra imagery should become more vivid and the imagination should create pictures of the partner.
            The Female should imagine the Male’s organ erect and growing across the space between them, stimulating her clitoris and penetrating her vagina.
            The Male should imagine the Female’s vagina opening and taking his penis deep within her.
            Once this imagery has been attained, the partners should begin the Control Mantra and open their eyes.
            The imagery will bring on a resurgence of sexual stimulation. Maintain the position, without moving, through three recitations of the Control Mantra while looking at the other’s genitals. Then close your eyes and use the Channeling Mantra and Imagery.
            At this point, rise and embrace, and go together to bed, to make love as you wish, with total abandon and joy. Enjoy the heightened arousal this ritual has brought. Give to each other all the pleasure desired and you will receive pleasure and satisfaction. When your lovemaking is finished, and you lie close to sleep, do not forget, as you fall asleep, that powerful energy forces are still at work within your subconscious mind. Make use of them. Go off to sleep as the great Tantric masters do using the Channeling Mantra and Yantra imagery to lull you to sleep, while putting your energy forces to work for the night.



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