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The Mantra of Awareness
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The Mantra of Awareness
Yantric Awareness
The Yantric Body
Physical focus
Intensifying focus
Control of Pleasure and Power
Channeling Power and Energy


The First Night of  the Tantra
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The Seven Night of  the Tantra
A Continuation





The Tantric Master spoke:
            “The joys of Kali and Mahakala are yours. You share the pleasures. You speak of the pleasures. You each know your pleasure, and the pleasure of the other.
            “Move together yet separately into this night and all nights of your life. Draw ever new pleasure. Give ever increasing pleasure.
            “Create greater energy to master. Create the Tantric Life from your own being.”

            The instruction for this ritual should be read in conjunction with the “Continuation” chapter, which immediately follows.
            The setting is the same as on the previous nights; the low table laid out with food and wine; the couple seated, drinking their first glass of wine together.
            The Male then stands, says, “I am ready,” and slowly removes all of his clothes, then sits again.
            The Female stands and says, “I am ready,” and removes all of her clothes, then sits.
            After a few moments’ silence, they stand, embrace, and kiss. Then they walk to the bath.
            The Bath Rituals is followed as on all other nights.
            Then they return to the table, move their pillows away from it, and assume the Contemplative position of Tantra. As previously done, they now enter into the Ritual.
            When the muscular contractions are completed, they remain in the contemplative Position for a few minutes before rising. Then they walk to the bedroom.
            The female lies on her back on the bed in the Awareness Position, knees apart, soles of feet pressed together.
            The male sits on the bed beside her.
            The Male keeps his eyes open. The Female keeps her eyes open.
            Now the male will go through the ritual as directed. As he proceeds, the Female must tell him openly and honestly the feelings of stimulation and arousal that each of his actions is creating within her. The Male will not only become more familiar visually with each area of her body, but will also have a more definite knowledge of which of his actions is most pleasing and stimulating.
            The Male touches the female’s lips and she tells him her feelings.
            The Male kisses the Female’s lips, and she tells him (after the kiss) what her feelings were.
            They each now say the Awareness Mantra twice.
            The Male touches and massages the Female’s breast; then rolls the nipples between index fingers and thumbs; then kisses the breasts. The Female describes her sensations, telling the Male explicitly how she feels as he does this.
            The Male now turns on the bed, facing the feet.
            He runs his fingertips and thumbs along the abdomen, to the vagina; opening the labia’ applying pressure to the clitoris. Then he relaxes and the female describes her feelings.
            Now the Male runs his fingertips to the perineum, presses, then relaxes. The Female describes the sensations to him.
            The Male slides his fingertips downward and touches the rectal muscles, exerts pressure, then relaxes, and the Female describes her sensations.
            Then the Male moves his hands back to the vagina, parts the labia and begins a slow prelude to masturbation, pausing as he stimulated each area, or alters his actions, and the Female relates her reaction to each movement and point of stimulation.
            The Male now bends forward and begins to orally stimulate the vaginal area, the labia, the vagina, and the clitoris. As he kisses each area, the Female describes her sensations.
            It is not the purpose to stimulate the Female to the point of orgasm. These described actions are intended to give the Male a deeper understanding of the Female’s body and a deeper awareness of her responses.
            The Female is to concentrate on each action by the Male and attempt to verbalize as accurately as possible what she is feeling; whether one action is more or less stimulating than another, etc.
            The male should then stop his actions after only a few minutes. He must not, at this point, attempt to stimulate the Female more than nominally.
            The Male stands.
            The Female sits up, then stands.
            The Male assumes the Awareness position on the bed.
            The Female sits beside him, facing the head of the bed.
            The Male lies passively and, as the Female performs the prescribed actions, the Male describes the sensations he is feeling.
            The Female touches the Male’s lips, then she kisses his lips.
            She then relaxes.
            She leans over and massages his breasts, then rolls the nipples between index fingers and thumbs, then kisses the breasts. The male tells her how this feels to him.
            The Female now turns around to face the foot of the bed. She slides her hands down his abdomen and encircles the base of the penis, squeezing. The male describes his feelings, in detail.
            Now, as she does each of the following, the Female will pause afterward, relax her hands, and wait for the Male’s description of the sensation she has created by her actions.
            The Female draws her encircling fingers along the shaft of the penis, still maintaining the squeezing pressure, and pauses at the glans.
            She squeezes the glans itself then relaxes her hands on either side of the penis.
            Her fingers trace the underside of the penis downward to its base within the scrotum. Then relax.
            Her fingers slide downward to the perineum, exert pressure, and relax.
            Her fingers slide downward farther to the rectal muscles, exert pressure, and relax.
            After the Male has told her of the sensations at each point of pressure, the Female allows her hands to relax for a few moments before proceeding to the next.
            Her right index finger and thumb now encircle and squeeze the base of the penis; her left hand “cups” the testicles.
            The Female leans forward and begins orally stimulating the Male.
            The Male describes the sensation of each movement.
            Once the female has gone through each of the phase of oral stimulation, she removes her mouth and hands from the Male’s genitals and sits upright, apart from him.
            The Male and Female must understand that this is a ritual based on increasing Awareness and communication. It is not intended to create stimulation, though the actions of the ritual itself are stimulating.
            Calling for Control through the Control Mantra and Yantra imagery should not be necessary because the actions should be only cursory and not proceed sufficiently to bring about the approach of orgasm.
            However, they should now both utilize the Control Mantra and Yantra as they sit apart for a few minutes. While using their Control, they should not converse.
            The use of Control, now, before the next phase is vital. Both partners must be in a Control for the remainder of the ritual.
            The Male now lies upon the bed, on his back, in the Awareness position.
            He closes his eyes tightly and says three Control Mantras, and brings forth the Control Yantra imagery, “writing” the words of the Mantra on the void of his mind.
            The Female stands and waits.
            When he is sure within himself that he is in Control, the Male says, “I am ready.”
            The Female sits on the bed beside him and encircles the base of his penis with the index finger and thumb of her right hand. Maintaining squeezing pressure, she slides her fingers upward along the base of the penis, to the glans, across the glans, and releases the penis.
            If the penis is stiffly erect, this act is done by the Female only once. Should the penis not be completely erect, she returns to encircle the base a second time, and repeat the action. The action, it must be reminded, is only from the base to the glans the encircling finger and thumb toward the glans, over the glans, then releasing.
            With the penis erect, the Female ceases the action.
            She now says, “I am ready.”
            The she straddles the Male’s pelvis, facing his head. Her straddling position should be “on her knees” with her torso erect.
            The Female now reaches down and again encircles the penis with her right index finger and thumb. Her left hand is on her thigh or wherever it is comfortable and helps her maintain balance.
            She raised her hips over the penis and guides it into her vagina, then lowers herself onto it, until the penis is comfortably in the vagina as deep as possible.
            She sits very still. The Male remains still.
            The Female places her hands on top of the Male’s hands, which are folded across his abdomen.
            The Female closes her eyes tight.
           The Male now focuses his imagery on the muscular contractions. He concentrates on the muscles and “tubes” within his penis, envisioning them filling as he contracts the penile, groin, and abdominal muscles. He holds the contraction for as long as he can, then relax it.
            The Female will feel the contraction movement of the penis within her vagina, and when it is relaxed, she says, “I feel.”
            The Male now repeats the contraction, then relaxes again, and the Female says, “I feel.”
            After a moment of concentration, the Male does the contraction a third time, holding it for as long as is possible, then relaxing. Once he has completed the third contraction, the Female says, “I feel.”
            The Male and Female sit silently, joined in this position for a few moments.
            The Female, her eyes still tightly closed, now focuses her imagery on the vaginal muscles.
            Once the Imagery and concentration are at the desired level, she contracts the vaginal muscles as tightly as possible, holding the contraction as long as she can, then relaxing.
            The Male will feel the vaginal muscles contraction around his penis. When she relaxes the contraction, he will say, “I feel.”
            A second contraction is then done by the Female, after which she relaxes again and the Male says, “I feel.”
            Then the Female does a third contraction, as strongly as she possibly can, and holds it for as long as possible before relaxing.
            When she does relax, the Male says, “ I feel.”
            Now the Couple stays in this position quietly, exercising control while calling forth the Control Mantra and Imagery to help them maintain the Control.
            The Male now relaxes his legs.
            The Female begins to move her hips in whatever manner is pleasing to her and the Male. You begin to have intercourse in the Woman Above position. You may pursue your pleasure in this position by whatever movements of body, touching, and stimulating you desire but you must maintain Control!
            You must always remain aware that you both are seeking to keep your Control intact. Whenever one of you feels orgasm approaching, you must signal the other by grasping her or his arm or shoulder. At that point the action must stop, while Control is attained. This requires total; cooperation from both partners, and respect for each other’s desire for Control.
            The Couple should remain in this position of intercourse until each has reached a point, at least once, of having to stop the action to attain Control. The Control Yantra or Mantra combination should be brought into use by both partners whenever either one of them signals for a cessation of movement to attain Control.
            By doing this, sexual intercourse can continue almost indefinitely under the Control of the both partners.
            After each has attained Control at lest once in this position, the Female should remove the penis from her vagina and lie beside the male.
            They should now begin to pursue their sexual pleasure in whatever way they wish. The Tantric Masters recommend that alternating the active and passive roles of sexual relations makes the maintenance of Control somewhat easier, and prolongs the pleasure even further.
            For example:
            The Couple disengages from the Woman Above position. The Male kisses, stimulates, fondles, masturbates, and performs cunnilingus on the Female, pausing each time she seeks to maintain control. (If she is accustomed to, or desires, multiple orgasms, she may alternately maintain Control, then “let go.”)
            The Male may then turn his body over to the Female, as she in turn may concentrate on kissing, fondling, masturbating, and oral stimulation of the Male, remembering to respect his desires for Control, and stopping her actions at whatever point he signals her that he needs to attain control.
            The same signaling and cessation of movement while Control is sought applies to whatever position of sexual intercourse you use, be it the Man Above or on your side, or rear entry, or seated on a chair or literally whatever you imagination can conceive.
            All that is important is that Control be Maintained. And, by practicing Control, in every lovemaking situation, Control becomes easier to attain and maintain.
            Add sexual foreplay and intercourse itself can be prolonged as long as you wish.
            Then you can indicate when you are ready for orgasm, and it can be brought on when desired, in the manger desired.
            More of the nuances of this ultimate Control in Tantra are discussed in the chapter following this on “Continuation” and in the “Special Rituals section.”
            After you both have been sexually satisfied, you should lie close together, entwined, bringing your Channeling Yantra and Mantra into focus as you relax together.
            Then you may return to the table and finish the bottle of wine and food, and talk about your love and lovemaking, communicating openly and honestly.
            You have now completed the Seventh Night of the Tantra. But it is a beginning point, not a termination.
            And as you sleep tonight, the Channeling Mantra and Yantra will bring forth more of what you seek from life.



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