A lovely girl

A Rotten Night’s Sleep

A Shocking

A Shudder

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Fair Enough

Fair- Mindedness

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I Never Went Back

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In Frankfurt

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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm’ Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

‘Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

Face Up

‘Oh, seymour.’  I could see the hump of his erection under the silk of his robe.  I dared not go down on him,   though, without some signal that he wanted me to.
            ‘What to jump on me, baby?’  He asked and opened the front of his robe to show me his penis.  In answer I put my arms around his neck and jumped clasping my legs about his waist.  I held fast and lowered  myself slowly so that his hand  underneath me could guide  his penis  into my vagina.  He moved his feet further   apart and, adjusting his balance, leant  back slightly so that he slid deeper  into me.  His  hands  supported my  buttocks  and regulated   my wild ride.  I could not believe my luck.  I was about to climax when he suddenly straightened   up so his penis slipped out of me.
            ‘Sorry,’  he explained.  ‘But let’s  finish off lying  down.
            Really though he was doing  everything  to please  me.   He knew  I liked it best on my back.  But on the bed  he rolled away from me   as if something nagged him.
            ‘Seymour, you said we could finish off…’
            ‘Did I say I thought  Alison was an arrogant  bitch?’
            ‘No, Seymour  , you   said…’
            ‘Well, I’m  saying it now because she is.’
            I reached for his penis. fair enough  He fondled my pussy, but rather distractedly.  Now I could blame   Alison for coming between us.  But, no,  I must be patient.  In  the end nobody could  ever    do that.  Surely that  must  be  what  Seymour was intent on proving.
            ‘She is very proud.’  I did not want to betray her more that I already had.  ‘And very beautiful  too.’
            ‘What did she say about me?’
            And I was not going to betray her to that extent. Besides I would hate to hurt  Seymour’s  feelings.  ‘She thinks  you’re  attractive. And so you are.’  And I admired  the long lean limbs splayed against  the crush of silk, the narrow  hips and hollow stretch   of the stomach  above,  and  stroked as if to pacify him as one might  a child.  But  he grew more restless, not less.
            ‘Did  for cables she say she  liked my penis?’
            ‘Well.  Yes, I think ….’  I tried to make it sound as though I just  could not  remember.  It was simply  awful the way a perfectly well-endowed man could harbour  doubts.
            ‘She needs a put-down.  You’d like to put her down too, wouldn’t  you?’
            ‘Well, yes and no, but…’
            ‘A counter-plan.   You and me together, Julia, right?  What we will do is to evolve a totally separate strategy.’
            Whilst  being flattered by the ‘you and me  together’,  I did feel the first  stirring  of alarm that the situation  could get too complex  for me.  So I did not   want to   sound over-enthusiastic.  At the same  time, because  I wanted him back inside me  urgently, I did not risk  total disinterest.
            ‘Well, that depends on what…’
            ‘We’ll tie  her up.’
            ‘Well, I’m  not sure I ….’
            ‘We won’t  hurt her.  In fact, gold chain around if you like, we’ll even get  her agreement first.’
            ‘Oh, well, in that  case maybe…’
            ‘We’ll have to work  out the finer points  though.  There’s  nothing I hate worse than something  like  that being indecisive and clumsy.  The logistics.’ He raised  himself on his elbow and began scanning   the furniture in the room.
            ‘Seymour, we could   do that later and now….’
            He sat upright.  ‘Let’s have a rehearsal.’
            Because I could see it was a losing battle, I sat up too. I could always warn Alison  later.  She could always say she had dose of clap or something.  It was not so much the  infection  itself, he always  said, as the trips to the clinic that would turn his liking for any girl  into paroxysm of disgust.  He had already had enough antibiotics to sink a ship and now, what  with herpes being  epidemic, he was  confining himself  to a narrower and narrower circle of  friends.   It was  a cross one had to bear,  he  said.  But  was one of the many reasons he was so  happy  with me- I had  never given him anything.
            ‘Think we could stretch her,in marxist face down, across the  coffee table?’  He was beginning to wander out towards the sitting room.  I followed  him.  Now  I had thought of a simple get-out for Alison, I  felt free  to enter into the spirit of things.  ‘What should we use to tie her with ?’
            ‘No, Seymour, that might  hurt.’
            ‘Oh, yes.  I know, Bring  four silk scarves.  I’d  use my silk ties but I’ve  only got four so I can’t really   afford to ruin them.’
            ‘I could    always buy  you some more.’
            ‘Hell, no, darling, you already bought me three of the  four that I’ve  got.’
            ‘OK, scarves then.’
            ‘D’you know  how to do a fisherman’s knot?’
            I must have looked a bit startled   because he suddenly smiled and kissed me.,  ‘Really, julia, I couldn’t  do without  you.  Tell me I shall never have to.’
            ‘Never.’  I was watching  him remove the sycamore plant from the coffee-table  and pick a few  dead blooms  off.
            ‘Perhaps face up.  Yes.  Try it.  Sit your bum on the end  of the table  here and then lie back.’
            The marble top was blessedly cool on my buttocks, but was  not long  enough to support my head.   Thoughtfully Seymour  fetched the footstool, and  that  with a cushion on it was the right  height  for my head.  He  asked me if I was comfy.



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