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Letter  from Stefan to Alison

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Fair Enough

I had no way of knowing if julia had told her how this meeting had been set up. I suspected she had not, because I sensed that Alison was not the sort of person to allow herself to be used. All the better as far as I was concerned. This was a bonus. The introduction of a third person was going to add an extra dimension for me as well as for Julia. With Alison as the person, I could see some real special 3D effects emerging.
One thing I did know was why Julia was fraught. She had been very upset when I had told her I did not want to see her on her own again. It seemed to me there was no surer way of distancing her. It would not only put a brake on her demands of my time but also censor the displays of passion she indulged in when she was alone with me. She was threatening to swamp us both with her tears and her desire. I did not want to do without her. Yet it was necessary to teach her that there was no way of proceeding when we were both sexual victims of her moods and her irrational behavior. I knew she wanted me badly enough to go along with any of the conditions I laid down. And though her compliance made me feel scornful of her, at the same time, her weakness made me feel a great tenderness towards her.
I like threesomes anyway. Even though, a side turning on occasion, they can prove to be bloody hard work. And I do not mean just physically. It's the fragmentation of one's concentration between the two women that can be a real mind-bender as well as a stimulant. But then I am a glutton for sensory input and, I suppose, in that respect, very much a product of my time. For example, when I have to draft a new catalogue for the gallery, I sit down with my typewriter, switch the tally onto sport with the volume control to 'off ', turn on some sound, say 'Carmina Burana', very loud, and then, with a smoke and drink;, batter through the thing in next to no time. I supposed the ultimate would be to wire the bathroom for sound and TV and then, whilst listening, watching and typing, I could also drink, smoke and shit. Bliss.
Which reminded me. I had put some Buddy Rich on the tape-deck for tonight. I stood up and switched it on low, before turning to the women. 'I'll come and sit between you.'
'No,' Alison smiled into Julia's hair. 'I don't want to be parted from her.'
'Fair enough.'
I was letter form alison to stefan amused by her desire to keep control of the situation for as long as she could. I sat down on Julia's other side, but leant away from them against the sofa arm the better to study them in profile. Julia's eyes were closed. Almost immediately, and as though to justify her refusal to move, Alison's hand went to her friend's breast. Julia's eyes flickered as the hand began to stroke and explore where the breast bulged over the top edge of the bra. I felt my tool begin to stiffen. Then Alison turned to stare at me, her eyes wide with curiosity, or maybe it was anger. It did not matter which. I held her gaze and at the same time reached for her hand on Julia's breast and closed mine over it. I guided her hand to the area of Julia's nipple and increased its pressure there. As though this rubbing of her nipple could elicit no other response, Julia turned like a somnambulist towards me. I, kissed her awake. She murmured a little as though in shock. Quickly, I undid the two buttons that held the top of her flimsy dress and said, 'Show Alison your breasts.'
Julia pleaded with her eyes and her mouth began to tremble. Even after fair warning she was apparently shocked by my beloved willingness to share her and to direct her attention away from me. I pulled her to me and as my mouth closed over hers I felt her whole body yield instantly. Whilst my tongue pushed into her mouth my hand pulled open the top of her bra and slid down to scoop one huge breast from its hiding-place. All the while, I still held Alison's gaze. Julia pulled away from me to look down at the breast I had exposed.
Formerly I would have said 'looked down at her breast in dismay'. But I was trying to give up some of these verbs and adverbs that so larded my fantasies, such as 'tremble', 'quiver', 'blush', 'dismay', etc. Firstly, I saw this as an exercise in self-denial, and secondly, it seemed that since I was acting out my fantasies with such success I had no right to claim I had any fantasies left. And since I adored the women who gave me these opportunities, it seemed pure selfishness on my part to burden them with such words as 'tremble', 'quiver', and so on. Unfortunately though, in this instance Julia did blush at the sight of her huge naked melon hanging there, and Alison, unaware of Julia's dismay, her gaze trembling with... Let's just say that, as a man of my times, I have to concede defeat occasionally. Such a lovely girls man requires an escalating level of sensory input to be sure that he is alive at all.
In this sense perhaps, I am more a man of the future than of the present. 
But for now I said, 'Get the other one out, Julia, and show her how beautiful you are.'
Julia made a move as though to undo her bra, but I raised an eyebrow and she understood. I loved to see her breasts forced forward by the elastic straps over her shoulders and straining over the material of the bra. Besides, my first step in distancing her a little from me had been to insist that she keep on some clothes all through our love-making. Her natural instinct was to strip herself naked as soon as she was alone with me. Curbing that instinct was a matter of bra and stockings, therefore, sometimes even pants and petticoat. My second step in encouraging her self-control had been the introduction of blue movies on a screen at the foot of my bed. So that, whilst making love to her partly clothed, I had my eyes firmly fixed on the naked girls reaching orgasm on the screen. This way Julia's orgasm was lent certain insignificance because, unless she could time hers to coincide with the bigger on the screen, I was still caught face up in the movie, and therefore it was easier for me to time my orgasm in with that than in with her.
'To be honest, Julia,' Alison explained, 'I wanted to have a look at your breasts the first time we met.'



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