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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

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Letter  from Stefan to Alison

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Flying Buttress  in Bronze

When  julia rolled  away to the edge of the bed, I heard the rustle of the carried bag  I knew  she had placed there.  As she moved she had to free Alison’s other leg so  I ducked under the beam and held it for her whilst still managing  to keep an eye on the screen.  The Mother Superior in a state of some shock.  She recovered her composure quickly though.  She made her own  suggestions to the priest and  together they turned  the novice   over and spread her legs…. I was getting a crick in my neck, I said, ‘Sit on Alison’s leg, can’t you?’
‘I don’t want to hurt her.’
‘I don’t want you to either.’  And I slid up the length of  Alison’s body and kissed  her several  times  about the face  before I said simply.  ‘Julia ?’
‘I’m not sure.’
‘Just do as I want, darling.’
Alison struggled  to sit up as the candle slid into her, but I had her by the   shoulders.  She tried to look down at Julia, but I blocked her view with my own glass still shoulder.
I asked her, ‘It doesn’t hurt?’
‘No.  But  what…’
‘What does it feel like?’
‘Cold and….’
‘Yes, but what….?’
Without  moving my shoulder, I reached down to Julia’s  hand, shoved the candle further in and back and  forth.
‘This is too small,’ I said.  ‘Get the other thing.’
as Julia leant over the side of the bed, I pulled the candle out and held it up for Alison to see what had been in her.
‘How  very prosaic,’  she laughed.   But she stopped  laughing when she saw the size  of the double-headed  dildo Julia  had come up with.
‘You don’t think you can take it?’
‘I’m  not sure.’ Her curiosity  was getting the better of her again.  she held out her hand to  examine it- one huge pink  plastic tool joined to a smaller one by a soft concertina of plastic tubing between  them.
‘Modern art,’ I said.  ‘Reminds me of  a sculpture I have in sussex my gallery at the moment, ‘Flying Buttress  in Bronze”, subtitled  “Man of My Dreams” by a  very lovely girl from Cornwall.  Give her the  bigger end, Julia, but slowly.’
I grasped my own tool firmly and began to work my hand up and down with a slow but deliberate rhythm.  Now the Mother. Superior was sucking off the priest  through the  window  of the confessional where  she knelt.  Long  shot of the novice forced to watch, struggle of conscience,  interest growing in spite of herself.  I put my free hand   to Julia’s fanny as she   squatted to insert the dildo into Alison.  She turned  her attention  to me immediately  and tried to get her mouth where  my other hand  worked relentlessly.
She  turned   back to Alison and I worked my finger  deep into her slit as recompense.  She bent  forward and kissed Alison where she was easing the dildo  in a minute between  her legs so  that my finger slid effortlessly  into her.  the Mother Superior’s penance for her indiscretion was that she had to make love to the novice.  Good.  Close-up of their two  mouths trembling as they met to….The bloody  film snapped.  I just could not  believer  it.  I cursed  Julia.  She said it was not her fault.  I reminded her of the  way she had mucked  the whole thing up  last time she had  touched it.  She said the film must have jumped off the spindle sprockets.  I reminded her that the guarantee had run out on the projector.  I also reminded her that had I not been so bloody hard up at the time, I would have bought a video, I mean, what did she use  her video for except recording The Muppets?  She looked as though she might cry.  I stopped wanking to reach for a tissue  for her  and apologize when Alison suddenly sat up and slapped my face.  I just could not believe it.  In fact I found the  whole situation so hard to believe that   the only thing left for me to do was laugh. And still laughing, I pushed the large end of the dildo up inside Alison.  She gasped.
‘I haven’t hurt you?’
‘No.’  She was defiant.  Then I would john marx stefanovich take my real revenge on her  next visit  when she was least  expecting it.



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Stefan to Alison

Stefan winked.


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