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A Rotten Night's Sleep

A Shocking

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Full Of Echo's

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I Never Went Back

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In Frankfurt

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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

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John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm' Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

'Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

Full Of Echo's

Harry looked more closely at me.  Maybe I looked pale.  'Be sparing with the  aerobatics, stefan ,' he  laughed.  And then more seriously to me, 'really, he requires  up to nine positive G and six negative G  in-movements for that type  maneuver  and he ain't  got one.'
I tried to peak, but my throat was too dry for any sound to come.
'OK, Alison, you can get in.'
Nor could I see any way to get it, accustomed as I was to Jumbos being docked onto covered gangways. I felt inclined to give up straight away and lie down on the grass instead. But suddenly Stefan was close behind me. 'You put your foot there,' he pointed to a small silver! plate where the wing angled onto the body of the plane. 'And for Chrissake, mind you don't stand with those heels on the wing.'
No point worrying about in-movements when the wing was tissue paper. I held my breath as I stood op it in an effort to lighten myself. The thin perspex roof of the cockpit was socio economic open.
'You can sit in the co-pilot seat.'
I was out of healing touch with reality. Nothing made much sense to me.
'In the front. Sit.'
I sat. And presently Stefan swung himself up on the other side of the plane and climbed in beside me. I did not look down as he shortened my seat-belt and strapped me in. While he was fixing his, he said, 'There's no need to look so bewildered -I'll fill you in. First, I check full travel on trims. Full travel on flaps. Turn on main fuel tanks. Magneto switches on. Fuel pump. Check flow and pressure. Ignition.'
I began  to feel dizzy.  Maybe I was going to get a migraine.
'Pitch fully fine. Mixture rich. Half throttle on both. Engine start lever to starboard. 'His voice rose above the din of the engine. 'One thousand eight hundred revs, idling back to nine hundred. Check oil pressure. Cylinder head ditto. Manifold temperature. 'His fingers danced across an array of dials. 'Fear is born of ignorance,' he said. 'And I am enlightening you. Fuel flow. Starter lever over to port engine and repeat procedures.' There was a pause and then, 'Say now if you want to get out.
The seat-belt had me in a shudder stranglehold. Mesmerized by the blur of the propellers, I saw Harry wave and walk away. If only I had made a will, I would have left everything to Catha.
'Both engines at nine hundred cut back to eight. Radio. Tune to tower frequency. Now the ADF and tune to localizer for back bearing after take-off. Unlock compass. Align with magnetic compass and we're almost ready to roll. OK?' And as though I had replied with an intelligent remark, he continued, 'I won't be able to hear you with my headset on.' He put it on, OK?'
He adjusted the mouthpiece and spoke to someone else. His language reminded me of Facade, full of Echo's and Tangos and Rogers, it had a crazy internal logic of its own. The runway was as bumpy as the turf. There was a long pause which, seemed to indicate; to me that the whole operation was, in serious trouble before we had even got off the ground. Maybe not. No. The race was on to gain the sky before the end of the run.  At which point I usually study the in frankfurt flight magazine.  But now I could see the pilot's face streamlined with concentration and from his hair. Grass and trees spun and tumbled out behind him. Everyone knows take-off and landing are the critical times. Personally I had never felt that more strongly.
The practical application of aeronaut is nothing short of a miracle.  The man who can work that miracle can work another. Oak trees turned into shrubs and motorways into bridle paths beneath us;. My legs relaxed from an emergency braking position. I felt sweat cooling between my thighs and put my hand there. I closed my eyes and breathed freely. I felt the same sense of exquisite abandonment as when Stefan had fucked me. But the memory that he had not touched me once that day made me open my eyes to stare at his hands on the controls. My own hand traveled further up my thighs to the crutch of my pants. I needed him in me. I pushed two fingers up into the wet warmth of my vagina to plug my desire. Still talking to control, he was too preoccupied to notice. But then he pushed his head-set off to hang round his neck.
'We've left the shutter circuit. We'll climb to one thousand four hundred feet. You feeling OK?'
'I'm feeling.'
'And the adrenalin?'
'Flowing. '
He smiled as he scanned the sky ahead, 'Then look out at the, world not at me.' But sensing my eyes still on him, he turned to me, noticed my skirt pulled up by the hand inside my pants and chose to ignore it. 'Shall I show you London before we go north?'
Yes, but not by flying under Tower Bridge.'
'You needn't even look down,' he sounded happy. 'Just turn your head to your right and I'll make you a present of it. '
The plane banked steeply and the tiny houses and roads filled the space of sky along the wing. Squares of back gardens hung there as though suspended from row upon row of washing lines. On some of them small drops of water glistened.
'I had no idea so many people had swimming pools.' 'One learns secrets up here. As well as getting a fresh perspective on life.'
'That's what astronauts say when they look back at the earth. '
'For now we're heading north. Moon' d take too long.'
I began to reflect on the ease with which I adapted to new situations. That had its dangers, of course. On the other hand it was beginning to feel quite natural to be sitting in the Malleus malefactum sky with Stefan. In fact it was not long before I felt I had assumed my rightful place amongst a company of cherubim and seraphim. And, staring down from my blue ceiling onto the green carpet of countryside, I felt a pious pity for those unseen earthlings below. Whether this was due to my elevated position or to an innate superiority, I did not know. Either way I got my come-uppance.
'Take your pants off, cunt.'
I said, 'What?' only because he had startled me.
'You heard me.'
'I was busy being an angel,' I explained.
'Then I'm an archangel.' He pushed up my skirt so that my hand in my pants was exposed for him to see. 'That means you can't make it without me.'
'I can.'



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