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Letter  from Stefan to Alison

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Having To Work

'What did you think of it?'  luckily catha suddenly question was directed at the two other women who had joined us.
            I sipped my tomato juice reflectively.
            'I preferred the first  half,' Sue said.  She was the doctor who had prescribed  Catha's nicotine gum.  'Catha, if you're going on smoking at this rate I'm  buggered if I'm doing repeat prescription.'
            'Oh God, sorry,'  Catha took a deep drag.  'Trouble  is the concert went on for  ever.'
            'It was slow,' Sandy sighed.  She had read  English  at Bristol but was now working as a mechanic  in her brother's garage.
            'Only the second half,' Catha winked at me.
            'I did find my attention wandered a bit,' I admitted.  I wanted to be alone with Catha so that I could admit to much more.  But I went on helpfully, 'Let's   just say they  were more in tempo when  it came to the lyrical bits.
            'lyrical my arse.'   Sue sounded cross.  'Why didn't they  stick to the chamber ensemble of the first half?  I mean, instead of the full orchestra of the second?'
            'No harm in my ear being ambitious,' Sandy sighed.  She was wearing a lapel badge on  her army jacket that said 'Women Are Magic'.  I suddenly remembered she had been one of the first to sport a 'Don't  Do It, before  the royal   wedding.  Catha had suggested to me that Sandy  was a distant cousin of the Spencers and she wore the badge as a result of sour grapes rather than her commitment to the Movement.  It was this irreverence of Catha's that set  her apart  and made  her my particular friend.
            Now she said, 'Maybe we should ask ourselves if they would have done   better with a conductor.
            'You know perfectly well,' Sue scowled as Catha lit up another cigarette, 'that they were trying to avoid imposing  male power structures.'
`           'I'm  an elitist then.' Catha was defiant.  "How can you  expect   an orchestra to stay together  without a conductor?'
            I cold see a storm on polemics about to break and I wanted to avoid it.  'Let's face it,'  I offered.  'Probably what went wrong  was that they spent all rehearsals discussing how to run an orchestra democratically and  never got round to practicing the notes.'
            'That's the position we're in,' Sue snapped.  'Having  to work out any modus operandi from  scratch.'
            'but,' I smiled. 'You've got to be face up disciplined about a symphony.  It has a rigid structure that has to be   imposed  from without and if.'
            'What sort of a feminist are you anyway?'  Sandy made  it sound as though I was out of favour wither too.
            'She's a gut feminist,' Catha said protectively.  'Just born that way.'
            Sue suddenly snatched the cigarette out of Catha's hand.  'And you?'
            'She's humorist feminist,' I said quickly.  'Which  is why I love her.  and a polite one.  Which is more than could   be said of you.'
            Sue ground Catha's cigarette under her foot, and   she and Sandy walked away.
            'You'll be getting a  bad name defending the likes   of me, Catha.'  And I went on sadly, 'I'm wearing G-string pants and black suspenders  with frills on, under this lot right now.'
            'How uncomfy for you,' she  laughed.  'Let's go.  I've got my car.'
            I did not want Catha to patronize me so I said,  'Well,  actually, I'd  half promised to go and see Julia.'
            'Julia?' Catha looked gold chain around incredulous.  'Listen, Ali.  I do my best to understand  your heterosexuality right down to your panties, but I cannot  understand what you've   got in  common with a woman life Julia.'
            'She's a perfectly normal woman,' and I was genuinely sorry I had mentioned  her.
            'Completely unaware of the way she's  been conditioned.  Into sex like it was breakfast cereal because  she read  about  it I Honey  magazine.'
            'Catha, please.'
            'Oh, what?' She looked tried  suddenly, tired  with me. 
            'The point is you are beginning to mix in such exclusive company.'  I tried  to rephrase that,  'The  point is- well, don't  you think to rephrase that, 'The point is- well, don't  you thin you're  in danger  of getting  out of heal touch with the way ordinary people are?  I mean, the vast  majority of women...?
            'Normal women?'  she challenged.
            'OK then.'
            'And I'm  not normal ?'



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Stefan winked.


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