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Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

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Dear Catha,

For me there is no greater ecstasy than to be penetrated by a male prick, preferably whilst lying prone on my back.  I like to yield to the superior power of the male.  In particular I am eager to submit to any of the demands made of me by my lover, stefan.  My love   for this man is exclusive and natural.  By contrast my love for you is a shallow substitute.  Necessary to us only because we had failed to commit ourselves to being emotionally adequate in a relationship with a man.   I now see that heterosexuality will long outlive and be the downfall of feminism.
            Please  convey the spirit  of this letter to my sisters  and say that  I am ashamed for having  deceived not  only myself but them for so long.

Dear Catha,

I beg you to totally disregard the letter you got last week.  It was written under considerable duress.
            However I cannot deny that I love Stefan or that I am lost in the dark continent of his heart.  In this place all gods who answer to his name feed my fantasy and withhold   my emancipation.  For it is here that I live and relive the myth of my letter from Alison to Stefan subservience and his   dominance.   But my love for you is not, by contrast, shallow.   It is a purer love because lust has no place in it.  When my physical desire has turned into a heap of cold ash, then, Catha, your love will be the firedog in the hearth.   And sometime in the future we will meet in a ladies' lounge and order scones and jam for tea, and you will forgive me.  And we will invent a new myth.  Would next year be too soon?





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