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A Rotten Night's Sleep

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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

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Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

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Mortality In Relation

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'Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

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Own Glass Still

In a Minute

Julia pulled down the priest other cup of her bra as though to show me how the breast spilled out. I turned her slowly by her shoulders to face Alison.
'Amazing. May I ...' Alison lifted them experimentally whilst lightly kissing Julia on the lips. I kissed Julia on the nape of her neck lifting the clouds of blonde hair to encourage her to be magnanimous. She shivered and leant her head back against mine. I looked up across the angle of her shoulder. Alison's head was lowered now and her face pressed into the mounds of tanned flesh.
'Alison, will you show us your breasts?' My tone suggested that she owed Julia and me a reciprocal favour. 'Mine are very average. I .'
She sounded annoyed with herself. Her hand went to the zip of her catsuit, and then faltered. I was happy to discover she could be made to feel unsure of herself. And by such a prosaic little detail of physical inferiority as this.
'Julia would like to see them, wouldn't you, Julia?' Julia said, 'Yes.'
'And I can't believe you're shy of me. '
'No.' She unzippered herself and shrugged her shoulders out of the top half of her suit. She then leave it wore no bra. I was trying to remember what it was that Julia had told me about her. But, yes, her nipples were pink and seemed much larger than Julia's brown ones, though probably Julia's only looked small because of the generous scale of the flesh surrounding them. And then they were high and pointed whereas Julia's were full rounds and hung lower because of their weight, I knelt on the floor in front of the women to marvel at their contrast,
'They're lovely.' Julia was genuinely pleased. 'Honestly, Lali, I would prefer. I mean, as one ages and everything.' She touched Alison's nipple, and Alison smiled and held the gentle hand there.
'I use a polaroid,' I said. 'To keep a record of the paintings at the gallery for insurance purposes. That's why..
I stood up to get it from the shelf above the sound center. Buddy Rich was into some amazing tight rhythm on the drums.
'I must go,' Alison was nudging one shoulder back into the suit top.
I swung round sharply and looked straight at Julia,
            Julia said, 'Oh, don't go, Lali, please.'
'There's no need to be scared of a photo. I 'II give it to you if you want. I just wanted you to enjoy the amazing contrast you make. Together you're so beautiful, it seemed to me any stefanovtich speaking words I could use to' illustrate my appreciation were going to sound pretty banal. I just wanted to show you. Just hand you the image.'
'All right.'
I was afraid I had sounded too keen, but obviously Alison's curiosity was keener. In fact I was beginning to sense that she always found it difficult to resist an experiment. I had no intention of giving her the photo, of course. This was not for any sinister reason. Far from it.
It is simply that I like to keep a few photos in my desk at the gallery for slack periods. Oh, and to show to Max when he is over from Canada. Max likes to bring me something in the same line, and I hate it if I cannot reciprocate. But the real point is that. Sometimes think a photo has a sharper quality than the reality. And when reality has begun to overlap and even blot out pheromones and fantasy as is the case with me -one does need an aid to get the thing in focus. Apart from which, I admit I get a kick out of using these point-and-shoot things. So I knelt down with the camera in front of them again, but a few feet further back.
'I want you closer together. Closer. No, Julia, don't turn towards me. Towards her.'
The flash went off just as Alison suddenly raised her arms to undo Julia's bra at the back. I could not help own glass still being a little irritated. As I waited for the spoiled photo to eject Julia watched me anxiously. Her bra was off now.
My only reaction was to look back into the viewfinder. . 'Perfect,' I said. 'Now without moving apart both lean Julia's finger had entered Alison.
'In a minute,' Alison laughed, 'we 'II be convinced your interest in us is purely aesthetic.' And she encouraged her catsuit to drop round her ankles.
'I'll convinces you. One more shot. But I shall have to have your face in this one. Take Julia's nipple in your mouth.'
Because this was part of the game with the camera she was free to comply, and her compliance Seymour made her laugh. Quickly she pulled away from Julia's hand so she could lean her face down into the mountainous flesh.



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Stefan winked.


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