A lovely girl

A Rotten Night’s Sleep

A Shocking

A Shudder

A Side-Turning

A Struggling

All This Mainlining On Words

Cabinet Mirror

Catha Suddenly

Face Up

Fair Enough

Fair- Mindedness

Flying Buttress  in Bronze

For Chrissake

Fuel Cables

Full Of Echo's

Gold Chain Around His Neck

Half- Stefan Crossing

Having To Work


I Never Went Back

I Want To See You

In a Minute

In Frankfurt

In Hertfordshire

In Marxist

I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm’ Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

‘Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

In Frankfurt

This was hopeless.  I was getting in a minute further and further away from asking Catha if I could live with her  to hide  from  Stefan while I sublet my flat.   There was nothing  for  it but to retreat  gracefully.  ‘Someone has to lead the way, I suppose, Catha. There does have to be a conductor  after all.’
            ‘Quite.’  She was very bright.  ‘Meanwhile I shall   drive  you to Julia’s door.’
            ‘Thanks,’ I said.  ‘But I’d quite like  the walk.’
            As soon as I had rounded   the  corner from the concert  hall I knew I was too exhausted to do anything but take a taxi.  I gave the driver my own address.

In the  morning on the phone Julia sounded  pleased to hear from me.  She said she was  fine and had never been so happy in her life.  Never.  I heard  a scream of rage in the background  so I asked how the baby was.
            ‘Oh, Samantha’s fine.  But babies  grown, you know.  I mean, she’s started  to move quite a lot.  Yesterday she got  into the fireplace,  not that we use the fireplace. mmmm noises But there’s the  trailing ivy as well as some ninetieth-century  soot.  I only just got her cleaned up and the room to rights before  Elena got  back  from….she’s my new au pair.  She likes smoked salmon. I mean, that’s where she’d gone, to the deli to get some….she’s awfully homesick.  What I mean is…well, If anything upsets her she’s  liable to cry and want to be a put on the next flight back to  Athens.  That can last for a couple  of hours at least and…’
            Obviously there was  more than one dimension to Julia’s  life that  I knew nothing  of.  She sensed it   too.  ‘How Stefan?’  she said.
            ‘In Frankfurt .’
            ‘But is he….?’
            ‘Still a prick.’
            ‘But you do still…?’
            ‘Love  him, I suppose .’
            ‘Lali, I think you’ve the  only woman strong  enough  to….’
            ‘He mentioned someone called  seymour.
            Julia then said she had never been so unhappy in her life.  Never.  It had been going on for ages.  She could not sleep.  Her body screamed out for him.  In the supermarket, anywhere, she would   suddenly be immobilized by the   thought of his hand sliding into her knickers. She was wet all the time.  In fact she had  to take a spare pair of pants with her everywhere.  Obviously  she was going crazy.  It was not as though he.  The problem was.  She saw plenty  of  him and yet.  If he had to keep her at arm’s   length then she.  Something was wrong.  Julia drew me into  the blind alleys of her own puzzlement  until she had built a maze.  I was growing annoyed  with her  and  with Stefan for setting me up.
            ‘It’s difficult on the phone,’ I said.
            ‘Yes, we’ll meet.’
            ‘If you like.’
            ‘Thursday.’  She calmed suddenly as  though the reality of the day encircled her. ‘I’ll take you out to supper.  I see Seymour on Thursday s.  That might sound like a contradiction.  But he won’t  see me till nine.   I don’t know why.  It’s face up awkward.  I tell Roy I go to an evening yoga, and to  make it look authentic I have to leave the house by six.  So I always have a lot of time to kill.  Roy goes out at eight  to play snooker  and drink till the small hours  so he never knows what time I get back.  Elena babysits.  That is if she hasn’t booked  a return  flight to Athens by next….’
            ‘Thursday.  Fine .’
            ‘And  you might  like to meet Seymour.   I know he’d like to ….Well, you might be able to judge whether or not   he….Anyway if you did come with me I….It’s difficult on the phone.’
As soon as I had rung off I felt it was unfair of me to impatient with Julia.  There were  so many different direction in which  her energy  could  be dissipated.  It  was only my work and my bachelor existence that preserved  my single –mindedness.  And my women  friends who admired and therefore  supported me in my chosen lifestyle.
I just  had time to check through out stretched some documents  before  I left  for the office.  The front  door bell rang.  It was a messenger with an envelop  marked By Hand.



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Stefan winked.


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