A lovely girl

A Rotten Night’s Sleep

A Shocking

A Shudder

A Side-Turning

A Struggling

All This Mainlining On Words

Cabinet Mirror

Catha Suddenly

Face Up

Fair Enough

Fair- Mindedness

Flying Buttress  in Bronze

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Full Of Echo's

Gold Chain Around His Neck

Half- Stefan Crossing

Having To Work


I Never Went Back

I Want To See You

In a Minute

In Frankfurt

In Hertfordshire

In Marxist

I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm’ Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

‘Observe the wolf pack

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

In Hertfordshire

‘It struck  me there were  perfectly heterosexuality good fields  in Hertfordshire.  Cosier fields.  And here   we are, you  see.’
‘Heavens, you know your geography.’
‘And my woman.’
‘Your name is  Lileth, isn’t it?’
‘The forerunner of Eve used to descend from the sky and straddle men as they slept exposing them to untold moral danger.’   He lifted the hamper off the back seat, the  wine and a rug.  ‘Or so the shepherds said.  Mind you,  it was probably an excuse   for their practice of bestiality.’
‘No, I remember now it was  me who fucked them.’  I joined Stefan  at the gate.  ‘Though I did sometimes  wear a sheepskin in winter which could  account for the confusion.’
‘It must be centuries since you were last on this  planet.’
‘This is a field.’
I looked to where he pointed.  ‘What’s uterus for?’
‘It can be  viewed  my beloved as an expression of the territorial instinct  or as a space in which to grow grass.’
‘Grass for skirts?’
Stefan shook his head.  ‘In Hertfordshire  people drink it.  but  only after it’s been  processed through the gut  of the animal called a cow.’
It was  a pleasure to be on holiday   in an unfamiliar land with  another tourist  who, though foreign to me,  understood the language that I talked.
Just  fifty yards fro the gate was the tottering skeleton of what once must have been a small barn.   Tall grass  and ivy leant against its bowed side of slatted wood.  Stefan  was over the gate and I was handing  him the hamper.  ‘The people on this planet   still build very rude shelters.’
‘Yes.’  Stefan was watching me climb the gate.   ‘On the other hand most of them have ;progressed to wearing knickers.  You’re in no position to be critical of their  rudeness.’
When the rug  was spread, half in the shade of the frail structure at our backs  and half in the sun, we sat down  and ate in silence.  Then, ‘Are you going to sleep, ?’ I felt  tired as I watched him lie back.
‘No.’  He  rolled over on his stomach  to the edge  of rug.  ‘You sleep if you want.’
‘I’m not sure.’   I yawned and watched him through stefan half-closed eyes as he started to pick  dandelions and daisies from in among the tall grass.
‘Sleep.  I’ll guard you from the ravening  wolf.’
‘And from yourself?’
The sound  of flower  stalks being torn mingled with a  distant tractor; a wasp buzzed or may be a plane overhead.  Through my closed eyelids the sun dappled a pattern from the trees.  As though in the distance I heard  Stefan’s voice, ‘If I squeeze  the juice  of wild honeysuckle  on your lips you will wake to the certain knowledge that  you have been ravished.’
Now he was  being fanciful. But I knew my smile did  not show.   I would wake to find him wearing an ass’s head  and still love him passionately and I would call…Pease blossom….
‘Shit.’  Stefan  cursing startled me.
‘What/’  my eyes opened.
‘Nothing.  Just  this.’  socio economic He held a stinging  nettle  towards me.
‘Well, if it  stung  you don’t  hold onto it.’
‘It doesn’t sting if you hold it tight enough.’
‘Get a dock leaf.’
‘Can’t be bothered.’
As he lay down I sat up.  I examined his arm and found the rash of white bumps above  his wrist.  I licked them and sucked the flesh  there.  And with his left hand Stefan  undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it out of my skirt  to throw it open.  He pushed me down by my shoulder gently so that I lay back on the rug again.  He leant up on his elbow  and I saw that he still held   the stinging nettle.  He smiled and kissed me quickly then moved the nettle to within half  an inch of my left breast.
‘Should I sting you with  this so I can suck you/’
‘Since when have you needed excuses?’
‘It’s you who’s always on the look-out for excuses, darling.  It’s you who finds it  difficult  to accommodate in my ear the fact that  you want to be fucked rotten by a man.  And not just any man.  But  me.  Fucked over and over again by Stefan.’



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Socio Economic

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Stefan to Alison

Stefan winked.


Stefanovitch speaking

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