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A Rotten Night’s Sleep

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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

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Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm’ Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

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‘Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

Listen Darling

I tried to pull away but his full weight mmmm noises came down on me as he sat on my bottom.  I tried to get my hands up me as he sat on my bottom.  I tried to get my hands up behind my back to hinder him but he slapped them aside.  I tried a stream of abuse but then he got off me, held my head down and spanked my buttocks.  But  apart from  these few interruptions, he worked his way across my shoulders from left to right and down the length of my spine from top to bottom with the ruthless precision of a master of shiatsu.  And all the way he kept up a commentary of his own, and one not far removed from the cultures of the East.
The state of your backs is in direct correlation with the state of your  life.  It follows that your life is a mess.  This high degree of muscle tension signifies that you have  intellectualized yourself into a position of contradiction.  This can only mean one thing: feminism.  These crystals are symptomatic our relationship of feminism.  They are a secretion of acid.  Feminism  corrodes the fabric of a woman’s being.  To stay healthy  a woman needs to be kept barefoot, otherwise  fed and clothed by her man, and regularly  fucked by him.  This way she stays beautiful and can even come  by herself, standing in the   fields thinking about  being fucked  by him.’
It would have been stupid of me to rise to such obvious bait.  Anyway somewhere  along the line I began to laugh so much at his presumption that all I could manage to say was, ‘Rubbish!’  My back was beginning to feel wonderful and loose and free. In fact,  by the time he had finished working  on me I realized  just  how  tense I had been.
In all other  respects, it  struck me, I had reached the  very bottom of the pit. I had sunk into the quagmire of my own shit.  It served me right.  I had lost my grasp on my  personal  integrity.  Here I was, monosyllabic and barely distinguishable from a shocking lump of mea.  As he wrapped me in a rug, I was nothing more than a testament to the power of a man’s personality.  If I cursed him for  his egocentricity, his aggressive self-confidence,  all  I did was to confirm  that, with every minute that  passed, I  became more his woman.  Oh God, I cursed him.  But what worried me even more was that I did feel very cosy about it.   Like a baby in a  pram on a summer  trees.    I felt safe  and spoilt.  And he encouraged this   feeling  when he said, ‘Hungry, baby?  I’m  going to cook us something  to eat.’  And disappeared through the door forgetting the cashmere robe.
As soon as he was gone it did strike me that here was one facet of Stefan that Catha would approve; his domesticity.  The thought made me feel cheerful and  positive.  Until a doubt crept in.  perhaps his ability to cook was merely proof that there were no areas  to which his power  did not  extend.  face up But he was a very good cook.  I could hardly blame him for that.  Anyway, I was hungry.  He reappeared briefly.
‘And I’ve found a bottle of Chateau Lafitte.’
Oh dear.  He was wearing nothing  but one of his bad-taste aprons.  A horrid  shiny thing with a woman’s  stomach and things bulging through suspender belt , stocking  tops and panties printed on it.  There was no way that.  Catha could ever approve of that. 

In the interval at the concert Catha got us two cups of boiling water and we shared the sachet of decaffeinated coffee she had brought  with her.  We talked about the  plight of such women as Alma  Mahler through to Zelda Fitzgerald, illustrating  with ease the ways in which women  had been kept   from the opportunity of being  great artists, until we felt that  history and our misrepresentation by it in frankfurt had united Catha and me for all time.  At that point  I felt a confession was in order.
            ‘Catha,’ I said.  ‘You know a bit about Stefan and now I want to tell you the whole…’
            ‘Listen, darling,’ Catha touched my arm.  ‘We’ve all been  guilty at some time or another.  I’ll admit here and now that it was only two years ago that I went down on my bank manager and sucked him off.  I wouldn’t do it now, of course, because  I’ve   come to recognize that I would be confirming in him that he had an inalienable right to  my services and subordination .   but at the time, well, I knew I was going to need a hefty   loan to buy the shutter  freehold on my flat.  so as long as, well ….I just hope for  your sake, Ali,  you’re going to get something  out of it for yourself.’



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Stefan winked.


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The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm,

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