A lovely girl

A Rotten Night’s Sleep

A Shocking

A Shudder

A Side-Turning

A Struggling

All This Mainlining On Words

Cabinet Mirror

Catha Suddenly

Face Up

Fair Enough

Fair- Mindedness

Flying Buttress  in Bronze

For Chrissake

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Gold Chain Around His Neck

Half- Stefan Crossing

Having To Work


I Never Went Back

I Want To See You

In a Minute

In Frankfurt

In Hertfordshire

In Marxist

I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm’ Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

‘Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

Socio Economic

Stefan laughed as I leant face up on my elbows.
‘Stefan, they forced me to have sex with them.’
‘Oh ‘. His amusement seemed to be growing. ‘How often?’
‘What d’you mean?’ I was really outraged. ‘Isn’t once enough?’
‘Not usually for you.’
This was ridiculous. I suddenly remembered how much I hated this man and his soft laugh.
He went on. ‘OK. How much d ‘you think you’re worth? ‘
‘How much?’
‘I mean, if you were a professional whore, instead of just an amateur.’
‘Oh.’ I decided to be matter-of-fact. ‘Fifty pounds?’
‘You’re cheap. But all right, I’ll deduct the equivalent of one hundred pounds from the second half of their fee.’
Frankly I was so tired I had lost the point of this conversation.
‘As long as they won’t be angry with you,’ I said.
It would be Stefan who got injured. Blood on the temple. I nurse him with dedication, of course, but the wound suppurates and then. Catha would read this as a side turning healthy death-wish, which within the context of the prevailing socio economic climate... ‘I’m already paying each of them what they would normally take a year to earn. So stop worrying about them.’
‘I wasn’t, was I?’
‘Weren’t you?’ He pulled the mosquito net along the rail over the bed. His outline blurred.
‘They threatened me with a gun.’
‘It was a toy.’ The draught as he opened the door sucked at the mosquito net. ‘You were safe. And now you’re safer. So sleep.’
When I woke I was disappointed to see the sun was still shining and the stripes of light thrown by the shutters had hardly moved. In fact I was considering going back to sleep when I noticed a tray set on the table beside the bed. I lifted the corner of the cloth that covered it. A glass of juice with a slice of orange floating in it, bread, honey, a thermos jug of coffee and a blue-and-white cup. In the saucer was Stefan’s watch. It said ten O‘clock, obviously not of the night, and yet I was sure I had arrived after midday.
Feeling a little disorientated I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth and could not find my toothbrush. I found a new one in the cabinet and used that. Then I went through the living-room and into a kitchen. There was no one. I went to the front door along a lane of dust that lay like a carpet across the marbled floor in a shaft of sunlight. It was too bright to make sense of anything outside until a splash of water directed my gaze and I glimpsed Stefan amongst the orange trees some way off. The clank of the bucket he set down to refill from the pump was answered by the distant bark of a dog. I was about to go out to him when I realized I was ravenously hungry.
I have never tasted more fragrant honey or sweeter juice. Behind the thermos was a pack of cigarettes and Stefan’s lighter. I restacked the pillows between my back and the wall, poured a coffee and lit up. I stubbed the cigarette out. I was restless. Two weeks of enforced idleness were quite enough. was busy; I wanted to be busy too. The bathroom looked clean, the towels neatly folded. Back in the living-room I was struck by the way the wood of the table gleamed. In the kitchen there was not one dirty pot. Then I remembered Stefan winked the dust on the marbled floor that laid a trail inwards from the front door.
There was no mop in the kitchen, but I found an old wooden scrubbing brush and a couple of cloths. I squirted washing-up liquid into a plastic bucket and lifted it under the tap. While that was filling I fetched a thin cotton robe from behind the bathroom door and rolled the wide sleeves up above my elbows. I tied my hair back with a piece of string from the dresser drawer. Water slopped from the bucket over my toes as I walked back to the living-room. I moved a rug and chair out of my way so that I could work backwards from the kitchen to the front door. I like the din the bristles made on the
Marbled floor. I slopped a lot of froth about and gathered it up with great slaps and swipes of the cloth.
When the shaft of sunlight from the half-opened door behind me suddenly widened and I knew Stefan must be standing there, I was too far into the whole process to want to slacken my pace and look round. So I kept going as I sensed his approach and even when his hand began to stroke the thin cotton of the gown that covered my arse. He had knelt behind me. Wordlessly he lifted the hem of the gown and looped it back up to my waist so that my beloved buttocks were displayed to him. As I reached forward to slap the cloth in a wide arc through the froth on the floor he bent and kissed the naked cheeks of my bottom. I backed up to start with the brush again. He backed up too. At the same time he slipped his right hand between my thighs so that I had to re-adjust my position. I moved my knees slightly apart whilst his left hand stretched past me to pull the bucket within easier reach. The sound of the brush on the floor became deafening and I could feel the sweat along the ridge of my spine. When his finger suddenly slid forward into my slit I faltered. Immediately his left arm was round my waist to steady me.
‘Stefan.’ I was not sure I could go on.
‘Good morning.’ He was loosening the belt of his shorts. ‘Please don’t let me distract you.’
I was reaching forward for the brush again when his finger started slowly to push its way into the myth vagina. Once there he agitated it quickly from side to side. I groaned a little.




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