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Letter  from Stefan to Alison

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Stefan to Alison

Dear Alison,
Luckily I know how scornful you are of the sorbonne 'conditioned response' or I might have thought that you only decided to write to me again out of jealousy for my letter to Julia. That would have been unforgivable of me.
When told one of his generals was forcing ballerinas from the Bolshoi into his bed to commit unspeakable acts, Stalin is said to have replied, "what's the value of the odd vagina in relation to one' of my best generals?' Maybe that's taking socialism too far, but this attitude does demonstrate that of ruling elites of the left or right. Their attitudes are mirrored by the lower echelons of society. Why? Because women are weaker than men. Unless they take steroids. But then you wouldn't want to look like a female hammer-thrower, would you? The only alternative is to issue all women with handguns. OK? Then the best use of drugs in this context would be to keep women like you pre-puberty, like the Russian gymnasts. This way you would not only stay more lively and inquisitive, but side-step the crisis of puberty when female hormones dictate that you become a shocking baby factory for thirty-five years and that you set out on a manhunt to satisfy that end...Or at least it would delay your urge to mate until you had enough knowledge of life to be discerning in your choices.
If none of this is acceptable to you, then don't expect to impress me with an intellectual decision to solve the problem by pretending that men don't exist i.e. by turning aside to Catha and friends -who became lesbian as a political expedient. Homosexuality has always been a symptom of a degenerate society, and I'm not talking about moral license, but about the collapse from a cohesive unit to one of chaos, with economic as well as cultural bankruptcy. The non-fulfillment of promises, contracts, and a lack of desire to be self-supporting are other symptoms.
Catha, therefore, only impresses me as an example of mindless organic matter under stress. Like a rat kept in confusing and overcrowded conditions she has become neurotic to the point of denying her true nature. Our next world war will reduce the population by seventy per cent.  It will then be politically expedient for her to become heterosexual again and breed to ensure the survival of the species. Meanwhile perhaps she could tell me why, if the vagina was not designed to be penetrated and spermed in, it lubricates under then leave it stimulus that is frequently verbal, or tactile in other erogenous zones. Yours does. Or don't have to bring you to heel here in order to remind you?

Letter from Alison to Stefan.

Stefan, you really make me very angry. That aside, there are serious inconsistencies in you basterd theories. For example, since you don't fuck me in order to procreate, the lubrication of my vagina is by definition already redundant. For example, in talking of puberty you deliberately ignore the enormous social, media, educational pressures that have been force-fed to a girl to get her to adopt the role of baby factory from her first awakening of self-identity. But I suspect you have to side-step these truths because you know you're on shaky ground.
I also take exception to the way you tie feminism , with the collapse of civilization. However, in so far as civilization is upheld by male power games with their lethal arsenal of weapons, then, yes, we want to replace that. Your idea of issuing all women with handguns for self-protection can only be viewed as a male fantasy . If she fights to destroy anything it is precisely this vision of masculine aggression as a social construct. Guns do not promote harmonious relationships. She also wants to destroy the male power structures on whose pinnacles teeter the Stalins of this world. Which is why the Movement devotes time and energy to keeping its own positions of authority open-ended and diffuse. It is called democracy. And if we deny men their supremacy then we are simply extending democracy to our relationships with them.
Precisely because Catha and I realize that we have not achieved this position of equality yet precisely because we do not deny our natures but accept the consequence of biological own glass still determination -we have accepted that heterosexual relationships are untenable for the moment. We have been looking at some of the smaller Georgian properties in Bath. She is keen for me to join her in this peaceful and optimistic venture and I must say my own lifestyle is beginning to look all tarnish and tinsel in comparison with hers.



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