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I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm' Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

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'Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still


I cam again  and they lifted the shutter table from over me so I lay spreadeagled and exposed on the center of the restaurant floor  to be run over by the sweet trolley.  It was Stefan's weight on me.  He had climbed up the length of my body.  He waited a moment, heavy on top of me, until one by one my muscles relaxed.  Then he rolled off to my side, slid his arms over and under me and hugged me.  I sighed.   He leant back a little to look at my face on his shoulder.  He started  to stroke  my hair.
'Tell me.'
'Crazy for a crazy man.'
He kissed my nose , 'Yes?'
"Love you.'
'I think I know.'
'But you spoiled my story,' I yawned.  'There was more.'
'And in the way of orgasms?'
'No,' I laughed.
'Get you, you basterd fucking whore.'   He was pleased too.  'If you're  not going to use your  mouth to tell me a story you know what else you can do with it.'
I dug my nails into the flesh of his shoulders and kept  them dug in, trailing down the length of his torso, as I went down on him.
He laughed  and breathed out experimentally on the  exclamation.  'mayonnaise!'
I was ready for the taste of his huge erection .  But I lingered like  a gourmet, affecting mild  disinterest.  I lingered like a gourmet, affecting  mild  disinterest.  I cupped first his soft balls in my left hand and with my other dug slowly into  the cleft of his arse.
'The orchid on my shoulder,' I said.  'Did I tell you it  was crushed/'
'Did it bleed?'
'White sap.'
Stefan half sat suddenly and pushed my beloved head down onto his cock.  I had to take  the full length of it into my mouth.  At the same  moment I dug my finger into his anus so he gasped and fell back.  then I withdrew to tongue the knob and groove at the top of his shaft.  All the while rocking his balls in the cradle of my left hand.  For  the first  time that afternoon I had him immobilized.  I heard him say:
'I deserve it.'
I bared my teeth and parted them a fraction to run them down the ridge of his stem.  There I plucked at a few  little hairs.  He started to sit up again but  I twisted the finger I had in him and heard him moan.  Only then did   I take him as he wanted and  cushion the whole of him in my mouth to work back and forth.  It was not easy to accommodate the  whole of him.  I felt  him sit up and was afraid  he might force me to take him even deeper.  Instead he put  two fingers, very gently, one  in each of my ears.  So I could hear the thunder of his wetness magnified in the cavern of my mouth.  I felt him straining up and backwards but suddenly the heels of his hands pushed at my face.
'I don't want to come yet.'  He fell backwards away from me.
I gave him a few moments' grace before I sat astride him.  Then I watched the muscles of his a lovely girls stomach for the space of two deep breaths before I knelt up.  I pushed the knob of his penis back slowly along the length of my slit, guiding the tip towards my vagina.  I saw him close him eyes as I lowered myself gradually.  Full in me this way, he was a tight fit.  A tree thrusting upwards to the womb of sky, the soft dark of my inner flesh imprisoned him in cloud.  Listening to the silence before the storm, neither of us moved.  Then to give warning I made the muscles of my vagina contract.  His eyes flickered open a moment, then closed as my muscles relaxed.  Then I began a rhythmical contraction and started to ride him at a steady walk into the eye of the storm.  Suddenly he grew impatient and reached up to draw me towards him. I drew back sharply.  He was on me in an instant and threw me over onto my back.  It was as though we had over-stretched the hypnotic lull of my storytelling until it had snapped.  Released from the spell, we  were galvanized into action and then into frenzy.  He thrust into me.  I searched for his mouth to draw some of his strength  but his  mouth  was on my breast.  His teeth on my nipple.  One hand cupping  my mouth  as he  rammed further into me,   the other under my bottom pushing me up.  He gave me his mouth  then, twisting his freed hand into  the myth hair.  But I turned my  head.
'I can't move.  Let me  move.'
'No.  I've got you.  You're  safe.'
But he was using a finger to stretch open  the muscles of my anus.
'You're too big for me there.'
'Spanish farmer's wife,' was all he replied. Now he was spreading my wetness from front to back hole to ease his passage there.  'In a moment you won't know  which is what  anyhow.'
Already I did not. I was glad no part of me should escape him.  Every opening was his I was his. What he held in his arms was only a precise echo of what he demanded.  I was divested.  I was divested of my ability to demanded.  I was divested.  I was divested of my ability to be critical of him or of myself.  Emptied of judgments.  Released from contradictions.  I closed my eyes and insects of light fled this way and that into the blind dark.  I heard my voice.
'Never leave me.  I'll come Julia with you.  Wherever.  To Spain. Always.  Your woman.'
'Say again.'
"Mine.  Christ, you are.'
A parcel of atoms. Only sweat seemed to bind me together into some recognizable shape.  Recognizable to him.  And it only takes the splitting of one atom to ..The bed was wrecked and we lay on it crippled by the force of explosion.  Limbs twisted, eyes shut, bodies blown apart.  Beyond consciousness for a while.  But then the sound of breathing reminded each of us that the other was there. Reassured, we slowly searched for contact.  A hand on a hand.  Pause.  A hand on a foot pause.  Gradually we inched our way till we lay together again.  I shivered, Stefan yawned. We both tried to pull a rug over us and failed.  Instead he moved  a slack  arm and  leg  across mien to shield  me, and I sheltered  from the light under the cliff of his shoulder. The separate words of 'I' and 'he' had  merged inexorably into the world of 'us.'
Nothing in sussex lasts.  He spoke.  'Wherever.  We'll stay together.  I'll have the boat ready to sail next Thursday week.'
Instantly I thought of Catha and started the scramble to retrieve the status quo.  'Stefan!'
That is all I said. And I had meant the way I handled the word to convey acquiescence.  He read it differently. 




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