A lovely girl

A Rotten Night's Sleep

A Shocking

A Shudder

A Side-Turning

A Struggling

All This Mainlining On Words

Cabinet Mirror

Catha Suddenly

Face Up

Fair Enough

Fair- Mindedness

Flying Buttress  in Bronze

For Chrissake

Fuel Cables

Full Of Echo's

Gold Chain Around His Neck

Half- Stefan Crossing

Having To Work


I Never Went Back

I Want To See You

In a Minute

In Frankfurt

In Hertfordshire

In Marxist

I could feel his tongue in my ear.

In Sussex

John Marx Stefanovitch


Kiss the envelope  for luck

Letter from Alison to Stefan

Letter  from Stefan to Alison

Listen Darling

Malleus malefactum

Mmmm' Noises.

Mortality In Relation

My Beloved

Nancy Friday

'Observe the wolf pack.

Our Relationship

Out- Stretched

Own Glass Still

You Basterd

I jumped again. It was delicious. How awful it was to be such a victim of one's own sensuality. And for chrissake worse: to be the sexual victim of someone else 's knowledge of one 's own sensuality. But the real disgrace lay. 'Three, four, good, I could not concentrate. 'Eight. Nine.' I would have to wait till later to analyze my feelings in more tranquil conditions than these. 'Ten.'
'You Basterd.'
Stefan grinned, 'Want to bite my cock off?'
'Go on then.'
Naturally I hesitated. I sat up and made a grab at him. 'But I'm going to fuck you instead.'
'Just let me hang my tie up.' .He slid out of reach and strode to the wardrobe. 'I know you don't think I'm much of a sentimentalist but I'm going to prove you wrong. I shall wear this tie for the meeting in Frankfurt tomorrow. There!' He face up put it back into place on the neat tie-rack, 'Doesn't that please you?'
I shook my head as he turned back towards the bed.
'Doesn't that melt your hard heart?'
'Just come here.' I could never manage to sound quite as cool as he did but I was in no mood to admit anything.
He knelt between my legs and stroked my pussy and then his own huge erection , as though not knowing which to admire the most.
'Oh, for Chrissake!' I was getting impatient.
'You want me.'
'And hate me.'
Suddenly he lunged forward and drove deep into me and I cried out. Instantly he was motionless. 'And you love me.'
'Yes.' I could feel my beloved eyes were filling with tears, 'I can't do without you.'
'I know that.' He started to rock me gently.
A butterfly speared by a huge steel pin in a velvet box. My colours spread for permanent display against a white wall. Eyes huge and iridescent. I wondered at my fragility. 'I don't want you to go away, daddy.'
'I know,' he was licking my tears and still gently rocking his big tool in and out. 'That's why you're going to come with me.' He raised his hips a little so I thrust up towards him with my pelvis. 'I shan't ask you again, woman. 'He raised himself further so that I tried with my hands on his back to press him down towards me but it was like trying to bend an iron bar. Still I kept silence. Suddenly he withdrew with as much ferocity as he had entered me and I cried out the same. All I mmmm noises was to get him back inside me.
'I promise. I'll come.' I definitely heard myself say it. 'I thought you would,' he said. 'I'm glad.' He brushed the tawny bush of my public hair upwards through his fingers. 'I want to get closer. ' He gently parted the lips of my vulva and held them open. 'I want to kiss you,' he said. 'But I'll wait because I know you want me in you.' He lowered himself slowly onto me so my exposed clitoris was against his pubic bone and then he slid into me. He started to pump. This time raising his hips, not to pullout, but so we could both watch. And, in between watching, glance at each other's faces.
He was handsome and cruel and gentle, and I adored him. My tears were dry but soon I came and they flowed again as everything seemed to stream out of me. Along my heterosexuality limbs to the extremities of my toes and fingers streamed liquid light, yes, I was gold. And from the halo of my hair sprang a shimmering web across the pillow; I was a saint pictured thus. I understood the impulse of bible illustrators to back up the godhead by extending the limbs and circumference of heads with golden spikes. Unconscious of time I had become immortal. It was Stefan's blessing.



Remember celebrating

Seafood Filling



Seymour Warned


Socio Economic

Soul Love

Stefan to Alison

Stefan winked.


Stefanovitch speaking

Straggers Backwards

The Best Nurturing

The Heart of Paris

The Insidiousness

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm,

The Priest and the Penitent

The Shutters

The Sorbonne

Then Leave It

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You Basterd